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2018_10 Trysil, Norway

Trysil, Norway. The birthplace, and also still growing place of Sweet Protection.
The place of founding. And it is still the city where everything is born. Trysil, where Sweet was founded, is located on the Swedish border, about a three-hour drive from Oslo.

Last year, I was taken there and had a great time. ``First of all, I would like to take Taka, who is visiting Norway for the first time, to Trsyil.I think it would be best to show him the place,'' says the founder, Atre.

Even after the meeting, we had a big welcome lunch. Many people from this city still work in the place where the company was founded.

Then we had dinner together one night with another founder and designer, Stole. We will meet him and hear directly about his history, passion, family, and Kawasaki motorcycles.

The brand that was started by two young men in this rural village has rapidly expanded in scale and gained recognition around the world. Still, in the beginning, we did everything ourselves. Invoices, shipping, and accounting. In this village of less than 3,000 people, everything had to be handmade.

When the brand reached a scale that resonated around the world, they both thought. ``It's better to keep doing what you want to do than to do such a tedious job and have no time to ski.'' They decided to become part of Active brands, Norway's largest sports company.

At that time, there was only one condition presented to the new owner. "We can continue to make things based on this without releasing trysil at all."

That is this town, Trysil.

I hope Taka enjoyed it too.