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2018_11 San Francisco & Denver, USA

The next month, without any rest, I headed to the USA, another place of exploration.

My companion on this trip is Keiko-chan, who joined us in September. I decided to help out with him because of the relationship I had with him since I was at my old club. The fourth traveling companion following Taka and Suganuma. A superwoman who handles internal sales, customer service, general affairs and human resources, and even the Sexual Harassment Ethics Committee.

Even when I found the mail in my bag at the San Francisco airport after saying, ``I'm going to mail it at Narita!'' on the day before my hectic departure, the service will take care of it for me. wonderful.

``Everyone in our company gets to go abroad once a year,'' he said, inviting them to play. Then he said, ``I want to go to San Francisco,'' so I went to America. While basking in the sunshine and gentle breeze of the west coast, I leave my job to an old man who attends my hobby shop for the time being.

``I want to go to an organic restaurant on the West Coast,'' he said. He becomes an old man who just eats what he is told. It was definitely delicious.

"I think the pizza we eat in America is good too!" he says. Hey, do as you say! That's how you become an old man who is satisfied first.

The next day, without going into details, I drag him to an exhibition in Denver, a sports and outdoor festival. In a world full of macho men, I learned that early winter in Denver is extremely dry (15% humidity, I think) and incredibly unkind to women's skin. was.

I also kept quiet about the fact that there was only beer and hamburgers in this town.

Every night in this town, I have dinner with mountain idiots who only think about skiing, and since last month I have decided that when it comes to having dinner with the Sweet team, who I haven't met in a month, I'll have to have steak! Of course, I remained silent.

He laments that he misses Japanese beer because of the hard liquor he is not used to, but he decides to teach him there that there is something definitely wrong with Japanese beer.

As for this... I firmly vow to bring these people to Japan and sell them to death until they are cleared of this misunderstanding.

The main event during this time was an encounter with a new brand. Suganuma started this brand in Denver last winter. Gogglesock based in Whistler, Canada. This was the first time we met.

My new friend in Canada was considerate of my traveling companion and invited me to an organic restaurant on the outskirts of Denver.

"Wow, they're good guys. Let's get serious about this brand!"

"Then I should have met you in Canada! I want to leave this city as soon as possible!"