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event information

- Event information -

At our online shop, Tokyo shop, and Yokohama showroom, we offer a variety of themes every month. Brand exhibitions, new product releases, import orders, sample sales, talk shows, mountain consultations, etc. Please do not miss.

Details of each event will be announced on our homepage's news and SNS.

Vol. 5 - 2023


Klettalmuthen Trekking Fair

July 7th (Friday) – July 9th (Sunday)
July 14th (Friday) - July 17th (Monday/Holiday)
July 21st (Friday) - July 23rd (Sunday)

Klettalmusen is a solitary outdoor brand from Sweden in Northern Europe. The products are characterized by carefully selected materials, ergonomic designs, and unique details, and the products developed in the far north have been praised by many adventurers for over 40 years since its establishment. Continuing.

In July, our Yokohama showroom will be holding a trekking fair to coincide with the summer mountain season that has finally begun. In addition to apparel for trekking, we offer a full lineup of backpacks in both colors and sizes, which are a particularly popular item.

The unique backpacks created by this unique philosophy are among Klettalmusen's most recommended collections, so please take this opportunity to check out their fittings.

For those who attend, we will also give you a wonderful gift when you register as a member. Our brand staff will be on hand full-time. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Trekking fair benefits

1. If you purchase Klettalmusen products over 30,000 yen (tax included), you will receive an Algia accessory bag that can be used as a sacoche or backpack accessory.

2. All models of the particularly popular backpack series will be on display. You can try it out by adding weights to make it easier to check the fitting.

3. We will specially order items that are not currently in stock from our Swedish headquarters. Arrival dates vary depending on the product, so please inquire at the store.

Vol. 6 - 2023


2023-2024 Fall/Winter Collection Pre-order Event Final

July 28th (Friday) - 30th (Sunday)

This is the final of the 2023-2024 fall/winter new model advance reservation event. During the period, all new samples for next fall/winter will be on display at the Yokohama showroom, and brand staff will be on hand. We will help you choose your gear.

This year, in addition to Sweet Protection, Klettalmusen's winter shell will also be on display. Imported quantities of each brand are limited, so don't miss out on this last chance to get your hands on one.

This is a showroom directly managed by an import agent. For models and sizes that are not yet available in Japan, we would like to order them from our domestic inventory by importing them to order just for our customers. For those who make a reservation during the period, we also offer various campaigns such as discount coupons and gifts. We look forward to talking with you about winter.

Vol. 7 - 2023


Sputnik Shop Family Sale

August 4th (Friday) - 6th (Sunday)

Introducing Sputnik Shop's long-awaited sample family sale. All the samples that are no longer needed from the past archives are released all at once. This is a super bargain garage sale with 50-70% off the market price. If you register as a member of our store, the general public can enter.

Sputnik imports and sells European and American outdoor sports brands. Every season, we obtain all samples for next year, use them ourselves in outdoor fields, and sell products that we can confidently recommend for use in Japan's natural surroundings.

This is your chance to get your coveted premium models and rare one-of-a-kind products that are not yet available in Japan. The samples are used by our staff for field tests and sales activities. Please note that due to the sale, we cannot accept returns or size exchanges.