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2018_10 Oslo, Norway

Sweet Protection has arrived again this year. It arrived from Norway yesterday, we shipped it all ourselves today, and we will leave for Norway tomorrow. I don't know if it's amazing or just boring.

My first visit to Oslo in six months was for a sales meeting for next year's fall/winter season. This time I decided to take Taka-kun with me for the first time. This past year, my partner has been with me since the beginning and supported me through everything. And in just one year, he made Sweet his own.

I believe that the most important thing in brand management is to have relationships and love with people. The quickest way is to go and see it with your own eyes. The people, the products, the history, the atmosphere. Touch it with your own hands, hear it with your ears, and smell it yourself. Just like a journey, it all starts from there.

Meet people who share your passion. Even if your English communication is poor, the other person will be kind to you. Even if foreigners who come to Japan speak a sloppy Japanese, we should be able to do the same. There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

No matter how much it costs, no matter how inefficient the style, we will do it with the spirit that we can't afford to lose to a brand that operates only through email, phone calls, and materials, and that we will be stronger in the end. There is.

Autumn in Norway. A beautiful sky and a beautiful forest. In this way, we all see the same scenery, drink the same alcohol, and spend the same time together. This is everything.

Standing on the hill of Holmenkorn, you realize how much this country is made of and loved by skiers. All of these things should be useful in your own work.

When living overseas, you often spend time together all day and night, either in the same room or in an apartment. In reality, I'm sure there's a lot of concern and stress, but as we eat and sleep together, we begin to see a lot of things about each other, and we have no choice but to create a sense of distance where we can accept each other.

That's why we walk together and play in the city every day.

And meet people.
Taka meets Tellier.
The real thing is to be humble and not arrogant.
It was a great and educational night.
Taka Meets Terje. Great honor dinner with a man of dignity.