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2018_09 Aomori, Japan

Hakkoda is my “place to return to.”

There are 10 cities in Aomori Prefecture, and these 10 cities come together in the summer to hold a grand festival. Its name is "Aomori 10 City Festival". It is held in each city on a 10-year rotation basis, so it only happens once every 10 years. This year it was Aomori City.

It seems that Hakkoda Sanso, a tourist attraction that Aomori City is proud of, has decided to put all its efforts into serving bread and curry at the festival.

I don't really know why, but I was told, ``Help out for Aomori, and at night, it's Matsuri!''

So, I decided to bring in cups and water bottles that go well with bread, as well as fleece and helmets that go well with curry, and sell them.

Full Marks & Sputnik's ``Hakkoda Sanso Support Group'' is holding a super special sale along with the mountain lodge's bread and curry. It's only 700 km and only 9 hours away from the city center, so please stop by.

After the festival, it's a real festival.

There are some nice old tools. "The wok is a genius. You can do anything with it," says Chuhei of the guide club. ``Does the wok have a lid?'' ``This one has a handle on the bowl. I also want to smoke and steam foods.'' That's fine. I like it.

The next day, I went to the broom garden in late summer. He still won't let me go back to Aomori. Lately, I've been thinking that instead of just selling things to play with, I wish I could help attract people to play with me.

I'm sure I don't want to sell things, I just want to please someone.