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2017_03 Yatsugatake, Japan

When I return to Japan, my friends at the retail store are always waiting for me to report on my trip. Keisuke from Nagoya MOOSE invited me to Mugikusa Pass.

I have been working with Nagoya MOOSE since I started this job. Keisuke and I are the same age and have been looking for someone together for a long time. I'm glad to have friends with whom I can think about things while playing the same games in the summer and winter.

He is addicted to the mysterious sport of BCXC (backcountry cross country), and made his BC cross country debut with his old club Senpai in Kita-Yatsu on a clear winter day.

Whether it's lightweight, trail running, or fastpacking, going to the mountains with Keisuke, who is always on the front row, is always full of inspiration. Kocchi's life was such that he carried everything he could carry on his back, even when he was told to walk up the mountain with unstable equipment. . .

I thought Mugigusa Pass was just a place to bring girls, but there's much more to it than that.

My buddy in the mountains is Senpai from my old home, and he was tackling Yatsugatake in the middle of winter with just a bush stove and Sakhalin shishamo. It seems that you are completely confusing the lightweight, which you are not used to.

I had shishamo but no hash, so I was carrying a light calorie beer and a light can of Inaba tuna. I think that's probably not what's popular right now.