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2017_02 Hemsedal, Norway - 2

The next day, on a clear and sunny morning, we headed to the Hemsedal ski route.

Also, we just walk together in silence.

The mountains are just so vast. Norway is at 60 degrees north latitude. Daisuke Sasaki compared the mountains of Greenland in the far north and said, ``It's like the Japanese Alps, 2,500 meters above, cut into a strip and floating on the sea.'' It's about 2000m above sea level, but somehow it feels like a 3000m peak in the middle of winter.

5 hours of climbing, 30 minutes of skiing.

Let out a roar and slide.

Look up at the line you just slid down.

Looking up at today's mountain while drinking beer at the foot of the mountain.

It seems like the job is going well.