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2017_04 Riv.Sumida, Japan

The spring weather was so pleasant that I took my friend's child to the Sumida River to see the cherry blossoms. I like mountains and kayaking. I believe that both have the same sense of moving toward the other side.

Although the river near Sumida River is located in the middle of the city, it is easy to see the cityscape from below. It's a fun and varied river where you can raise and lower the locks.

Best of all, you can feel an elegant sense of superiority as you face the road lined with cherry blossom trees in full bloom, crowded with people during cherry blossom viewing, and think, ``It's not busy over there.''

Once upon a time, wasn't there an irresponsible but charming old man in your neighborhood who did all sorts of things that your parents told you not to do?

The long-legged old man business division is all about having fun, like, ``I'm going to show you the Sky Tree from below by boat,'' but when it comes to the children of the retail store staff we do business with, it feels like a lot of work.

We will travel anywhere in the country. You only need to pay for the alcohol that day.
We won't charge you a single yen for the tour, but in order to become friends, your father must drink at least 2 million yen with you.