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one day off

Hello. My name is Yunosuke Maruyama and I am a new employee.
I came to Tokyo from Hokkaido, and President Tabito picked me up, and I joined the company in June, so it's already been three months (I'm really, really grateful!). As a first-year working adult, various things pass by in an instant every day. And perhaps because I grew up in the countryside of Hokkaido, I get tired of unfamiliar places and big cities. So, one day on my day off, I went into nature to seek solace.

It was midsummer on this day, so it was quite scorching hot below. Midsummer in Honshu is too hot. I couldn't help but want to jump into the river, so I went looking for a river. The air, the smells, the soothing sound of the river, the great outdoors is so calming.

Where does the noise and heat of the city go? We arrive at a very quiet place and walk along a mountain trail that gets deeper and deeper into the mountain.

After walking for a while, we soon saw a very beautiful river. The water is so clean that I feel the urge to jump in right away as I proceed to my destination.

Looks like the water is a little deep. Looks like it's okay to jump in. But it's not the destination yet, so I'm sorry to leave it behind, but I'll pass on it. There are too many spots I want to visit.

As the temperature has risen, I decided to deviate a little from the mountain trail and walk along a cool stream. The water is cold and feels good as you will be submerged in water in places as you move! Isn't it already around there? Shake off the devil's whisper and proceed to your destination.

After about an hour of walking, we finally reached today's destination. Negative ions splash. It's so cool! I had brought some sea bread with the intention of swimming, but I forgot all about it and just left it there. Ah, what should I do when I get home? I didn't bring a change of clothes. Well, it doesn't matter. (After taking a bath, I cooled down and immediately hung my clothes to dry in the sun. LOL) Anyway, it was a very nice place. Just like the world of Ghibli. There's a place like this just under two hours by car from the big city.

I took a dip, cooled down, and got hungry, so I decided to eat. (Perhaps it's time for a snack?) Canned fish, salad chicken, and other things we brought from home were treats. As I was full and bathed in negative ions, it started to get dark, so I headed back home.

On the way home, is it not being used now? I found an old tunnel. It's a little scary. It was one day off. Where should I go next?