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Read the weather and go on a trip

How do you decide where to travel?
In the case of sputnik salesman Taka, ``I decide where to go depending on the weather.''

When you go on a trip, whether you're in the city or in the wild, it can be difficult to get around if the weather is bad.

Last weekend, there was a forecast that Typhoon No. 14 would approach the main island.

I didn't want to be unable to do anything because of the rain even though it was a special weekend.

I kept looking at Windy (smartphone app) and decided to go to the area with the least amount of rain.

"It's Akita. It's Akita! Speaking of Akita, it's Namahage!"

In my heart, I am convinced of victory. This trip will be a success.

When we arrived at Oga Peninsula, we climbed the 999 steps to Akagami Shrine and Goshado under clear skies.

In a quiet atmosphere, in a sacred place, you are the only one, a victory! Hehehe

Now, let's go home.

On the happy return flight,

We learn that the typhoon's path has deviated significantly from Yokohama.