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Day 2: Kuroyuri Hutte - Tengudake - Nishi-ridge - Karasawa Kosen It was raining the next morning, so we set off slowly.
We sat around a round table and enjoyed some delicious coffee while having a finger massage. Issei's 1, Issei's 4! ! ! T-senpai was completely defeated.
I like round tables, where conversations naturally flow.

Hmm, the air is delicious~

Arrived at Higashitengudake! ! !
Before joining the company, I had the image of a cool and beautiful senior, but what?
It seems that he has been transformed into a mysterious character.

I'm worried about my hands, my hands. I want to play Dance Dance Revolution with Taiko Master at an arcade. (With full force)

Well, let's climb again~ (While singing Goodbye to the person I love.)

Arrived at Nishitengudake! Ei♡

It's sunny and I feel good. Hey, let's go down the mountain.

Second observation deck. I want to stay like the wind.

After descending the mountain, we headed straight to the river. Feel refreshed by taking a bath in the crystal clear water.

Soak in a nice hot spring, work up a sweat while chatting with the locals in the sauna, and have a final go at Tenhou. After eating ramen and gyoza, my stomach was already full.

On the way home. When I looked back, I caught a glimpse of the mountain I had climbed.
It was a good trip.