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Making Our Mark

Thoughts put into the logo design

How did North Drinkware start? The second part of the history of product designer Matt (Matt Capozzi) talks about the thoughts that go into logo design.

From the beginning of North Project, I aimed not only to create products, but also to create a philosophy as a brand.

Mountains are always our inspiration. Mountains are a playground, a sanctuary, and a source of design. There are three things that we value most as North Drinkware's identity. Our mission is to create the highest quality products by America's best craftsmen, to provide a true connection to our beloved mountain locations, and to always be innovative and unique. I think this is my way of giving back to the mountains I love.

How to name.

When deciding on a brand name, we wanted to find the most correct way to connect sensuously with the mountains we love. At first, we thought of a name associated with beer or a name related to the pint glass itself. However, one day during a brainstorming session, I simply arrived at the name I had been aiming for. NORTH. Direction, sense, and a sense of adventure. By combining it with DRINKWARE, it was born. Nowadays, I even make blankets (lol).

Follow the signs.

After deciding on the brand name, we searched for a font design that would lead to brand value. I wanted it to be something that connects to the feeling you get when adventuring in the mountains. As we searched for things that brought adventure into our lives, we fell in love with road signs. Road signs always point the way to new adventures. I decided to use the "Highway Gothic" font used on American road signs. Highway Gothic is a font introduced in 1948 by the Federal Highway Administration for use in road signs. Its basic font, designed to be easily and quickly read even when driving at high speeds, is used not only on road signs but on all kinds of signs, and is used not only in the United States but also on signs in many countries around the world. It is truly the original "travel" in America.

Even the tube-shaped package has the feel of a Highway Gothic road sign.

The strength of having a well-thought-out font is that it can be used with all kinds of materials, products, and uses.

We are also very particular about the letters that are engraved on the bottom of the glass, only a few millimeters thick.

Absence of color.

When I'm looking for creative mountain-related inspiration, I always end up looking at Ansel Adams. His timeless photos, even though they are black and white, have more drama and emotion than any sunset you will ever see in your life. His work in the Teton Mountains and Yosemite, in particular, served as a driving force for much of the brand's inspiration. His image gave us the confidence to strongly unify our brand with white and black. From all packaging to collaborations, the ``absence of color'' is unifying.

Building an icon

With the strong typeface and simple color palette in place, next is the brand logo. I looked back to brand principles for inspiration. The word "north" and its connection to a place called mountains. I quickly came up with the concept of the arrow. We were drawn to the north arrow icon of a magnetic needle, which is familiar from USGS maps, which is the origin of our design. When I looked closely at the Highway Gothic typeface and the magnetic needle arrow, I felt that something special was coming together.

The North Linkware mark that led us there is more than just an arrow.

First, N is North's most abbreviated icon.

It also represents the northward arrow of the magnetic needle, which we are familiar with on maps.

It's also a flag. It is also a stake that stands on the ground. This represents our goal. yes. To stand on the top.

Further evolution

When I started designing my brand in 2014, I created a flag-shaped logo. As the years went by, I noticed that many of the places logos were used were circular. In 2019, the icon was redesigned to better fit the distant view.

>Circular design of USGS survey mark (triangulation point in Japan). The connection between the mountain and the landmark is a natural fit.

The motif of the circular logo is a compass that guides you to a location. The magnetic force of a single arrow always serves as a guide to home.

Combining these inspirations, we created an iconic and memorable Compass logo that connects all elements of the brand's design and works on everything from Instagram to the lid of the package.

There is much more in North's future, but we remain true to our brand and our philosophy. We will continue to connect sensually with authentic places in unique and authentic ways, and to continue to give back to the mountains that have given us so much inspiration in our travels.

Matt Cappozi, Founder and Designer

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