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Process Is Everything

The process is everything.

Oregon-made goods inspired by the mountains. All North Drinkware products are lovingly crafted in our hometown of Oregon, in collaboration with some of the best artisans in the industry. Glasses, coasters, and blankets use accurate USGS data to depict America's iconic mountains. All of our products, from the wrapping paper to the tube-shaped cases, are made locally in Portland. We are proud to be 100% Made in the USA in collaboration with local partners.

Our Glass Blowing Process - Glass -

Creating hand-blown glasses requires years of skilled experience, skill and a completely bespoke process. It takes over 15 steps over two days to make one glass. This process is still repeated hundreds of times a day by a team of craftsmen in Portland, Oregon, making each piece by hand.

Our Blanket Process - Blanket -

Blankets are made exclusively for North Drinkware at the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory in Pendleton, Oregon. Made from the highest quality wool, it is processed, dyed and finished at Pendleton. Using an ancient method called pick and pick, two colors of yarn are blended together on a jacquard loom to create the blanket's color.

Our Coaster Process - Coaster -

Coasters are made exclusively for North Drinkware at our handcrafted factory in Portland, Oregon. A set of two coasters made of birch ply material with a topographical map engraved by laser and cork on the back. The topographic maps of the mountains in each collection are completely reproduced from the map. Pairing it with a glass will deepen your love for the mountains.

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