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2018_1 Here and There in Japan

I returned to Hakkoda a week after the new year. His life's work is to bring his friends to Hakkoda to try backcountry skiing for the first time and make them fall in love with it.

Aya, a talented buyer at Isetan, has recently become my new playmate. I like mountains, snow, traveling, and drinking. Passed.

From time to time, Hakkoda presents impressive scenery right in front of your eyes. Today, I have nothing to complain about in my life.

Sometimes the ropeway stops due to strong winds. Today, my life is in great turmoil and the future is uncertain.

When the ropeway stops, I have nothing to do, so I go to work. Around this time, I began to have a vague feeling that as long as I had Wi-Fi and a PC, I could travel and work anytime, anywhere.

The following week I was in Niigata. A heavy snowfall day with 100cm falling in one day.

When I visit my business partner and fellow traveler, WEST Matsuzawa, he always invites me to his home in the evening. He is made to drink homemade doburoku at home. If I don't feel well tomorrow morning, I'll suspend trading.

Then I went to my friend's house in Iiyama. It would be nice if she could offer her home and say that she is free to come in and work even though she is not home at the moment, but what on earth is she in such a hurry to do?

As I continued to go to Nozawa Iiyama, I made many friends. The more you go there, the more you will share the same desire to liven up the place. Once you enter a village, you will know both the good and bad parts. What can we do? What can I give in return? My days of thinking continue as I travel and sell things.

Preparing to hold his first exhibition in Tokyo. At that time, I didn't have an office and was working from home. We didn't have any money, so we had to do everything by hand, including transporting, tagging, and creating materials. For the fixtures, we brought furniture from our home.
I rented a room in a conference room to participate in a joint exhibition held by friends from my old school, and randomly displayed the brands I had come across during my travels over the past year. Helmet, kayak, water bottle and cup. Many people asked me, "What do you want to do?" The truth is, it's not fixed, and I don't really understand it myself, but he said, ``All I can do is introduce the people I've met and the things I've been fascinated by while traveling.''

Taka, who quit his previous company because he was misled by my sweet talk, and who has been living in my house and helping out since this fall, has been supporting me with all his might. Every day and every night, the two of us talked seriously until late at night. It was a challenge for just two people starting from scratch.

A buyer friend of mine came to the show and placed an order for us. They believed in us and gave us an order. A buyer from Big Account also jumped in and said he would cooperate if we were serious about it.

There's nothing wrong with what you've done, Taka.

This joy is a special memory that can only be shared with him.