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2017_10 Oslo, Norway

Go on a bullet European tour. 11 nights and 8 flights. I also had 4 pairs of pants.

Sweet Protection FW1819 Sales Meeting, Kolbotn, Norway.
Participated in my first Sales Meeting.

At the first meeting, an unexpected announcement was made that the logo would be changed starting next term. I'm still not sure if this is a tweet or not.

All the content is new and I remember it one by one. I'm still not sure if this is suitable or not.

As a first-time participant, the founder explained the history so far. It was a great moment when I realized how glad I was to have met this brand.

I was thrown into a group of about 100 people I barely knew, and I was the only Asian person there for several days.

Surrounded by everything new, what on earth am I doing here? There are times when I think about this, but since I've already boarded the ship, I have no choice but to row forward.

First of all, in order to get people to remember their names, I go full throttle and play hard every night. That way, before I knew it, I had more and more friends all over the world, and I was traveling around the world working only on those connections.

That's why we named our company Sputnik (=traveling companion). Autumn in Northern Europe is almost over.