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2017_10 Here and There in Japan

Even in October, when the first sowing products were about to arrive, I was just traveling around the country.

After a night's delay, we headed straight to Nagoya from the stormy island in the Sea of ​​Japan. Participated in Daisuke Sasaki's Denali report meeting. Although I am from my old team, I have always respected their sense of adventure and playfulness.

Two days later, I was on the banks of the Tenryu River. Friends based in Iiyama and Nozawa are conducting “The Source Line,” a journey that follows the rivers of Nagano Prefecture from their sources to their mouths by hand. I took my helmet with me to visit the camp. Apparently, her dream is ``How about on the water?'' The reason I wanted to support them is because I love their attitude of enjoying silly things with all their might.

Whenever I returned to Yokohama, a friend would talk to me. Of course, with alcohol. A bonfire, swordfish, and hiyaoroshi on a long rainy autumn night. It's in my friend's garden in Yokohama, but I wonder if it's okay to have a bonfire in the garden in Yokohama.

The product will arrive soon. This is the first time I've bought a product myself, sold it myself, and delivered it myself. I had to create each slip and payment one by one by hand.

Participated in Hangout 2017, an event hosted by Keisuke MOOSE. I was in Nagoya two weeks ago. Despite the rain, it was a great event with many people gathering. It was a good time to sit back and watch and listen to stories about the deep world of running and biking, and the various people who gather there, and to think about how we can move forward. We would like to continue to cooperate with events rooted in the local community like this.

My luggage finally arrived. A friend's company in Fukui lent me a warehouse for free. Since it's my first time, I receive the shipment myself and ship it myself. Everything will be in your hands with my fingerprints.

Finally, Sweet Protection's expansion into Japan has begun. Since spring, we have been going around with samples and have started rolling out to the 30 stores that have accepted them. First visit was Toyama. Yesterday I received, inspected, and shipped the items myself, and today I received, priced, and displayed the items myself, and I was able to find delivery errors myself. Yamato-san, I wonder if you could carry me along too. I wish I could check it in the luggage compartment overnight. Today's lesson. Leave the logistics to the professionals.

During my trip, I visited a friend who was building a guest house in an old folk house in Gokayama. We will open by this winter! That's what he said, but it was already quite winter around here. I visited Gokayama, where he lives, many times during my travels, and enjoyed watching the progress of the guesthouse together. Now he is the owner of a fine guesthouse and is living happily with his wife and child.

When I heard that a friend was holding an event to revitalize the community, I rushed there. Participated in Shinetsu Outdoor Days 2017 held in Iiyama City. The outdoor event in Iiyama City is an event that I have a lot of feelings for because I planned it myself. Along with bargain items from the local Joetsu outdoor shop West and outlet sales from top snow brands, I decided to sell a 80,000 yen helmet that just arrived yesterday. Only one in stock in Japan. If it sells, I'll have Junmai Daiginjo tonight.

Even though I wasn't able to hire anyone yet, I paid in kind to a friend who helped me with various back office tasks. The first official ambassador was her child. Investing in the future is essential for any business.

I also encountered a Denali talk show at Nozawa Onsen. I've listened to it three times and never get tired of it.

It's still a mystery as to why I brought a helmet to an event called the Aomori Bread Festival, but I received a grateful invitation from Captain Soma of Hakkoda, who said, ``Okay, come on! Let's have a drink!'' so I had to go. When I put the helmets on display with the bread, they sold.

And just like that, October ended. Now, I have to go on a big trip!