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2017_06 Zermatt, Switzerland

After the exhibition, I rented a car and headed to Switzerland. At this time, I may have been in the mindset of just seeing everything.

Go to Zermatt in early summer. I climbed the Eiger in the summer, but this was my first time climbing the Matterhorn. I am deeply moved by the fact that I admired her when I was younger.

I flew all the way from Germany, and even though I arrived in the evening, the sun was still long and the last train was still running, so I didn't check in and started walking at 6pm, carrying my computer on my back. Although the weather is not very good with high cloudy weather, there is no abnormality today and the weather is sharp.

No words needed.

Mountainbiking from Gornergrat to Zermatt viewing Mt. Matterhorn.

The next morning the weather was perfect .

Up until now, my only specialty in summer was climbing on my feet, but due to various reasons, I decided to take over the responsibility of a mountain bike brand.

I have come to love the idea of ​​descending from 3000m to 1,700m altitude difference and 20km distance in one go.

To say the least, playing with this borrowed scenery is really fun.

After spending two hours leisurely descending, I can humbly say that the beer was so good that I wanted to faint and die.