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2017_06 Friedrichshafen, Germany

Visit the annual summer outdoor exhibition in Friedrichshafen (I've never been able to pronounce it) on the shores of Lake Constance on the border of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I felt a little weaker than in winter, I liked this exhibition held at a resort in early summer. It's gone now.

Perhaps it's because of my physical condition, but I don't like jet lag. So, the secret to getting rid of jet lag on a long flight of 15 hours, including transit, is to drink and drink on the plane and then drink again instead of going to sleep, and how tired you are when you arrive.

A smooth and sticky Herushinki. The secret is to take every moment to drink and keep drinking.

This time, we will head from Zurich, Switzerland, by train and boat, across Lake Constance to Friedrich. It's more atmospheric and recommended than coming by car or train from Munich.

Every day I look around to see if something new will happen.

It was at this exhibition that I first encountered Earthwell stainless steel bottles from Portland, USA. For them, it was a brand-initiated exhibition. Many brands spend a lot of money indoors to display their booths, but they built their own huts out of scrap wood and did it outdoors, relaxing and drinking beer.

The products are just hanging casually on a wall that I made myself. However, the way the products were made, the color scheme, and above all the appearance of the brand were different. I felt a sense of pride, as if I should only buy something I knew.

"Are you going somewhere after the exhibition?"
``I'm thinking of renting a car, traveling around Switzerland, and going to southern France, which I haven't been to yet.''
"That's great. Since we've come this far, we have to travel. We're going to stay in Austria for two weeks and climb mountains. We'll probably come to Germany in the winter anyway. We're doing some research on skiing. ”
"Good. I hope to see you again in winter."
I remember just having that conversation.

Mr. Hiraoka from Fukui Campanella who accompanied me on this trip. ``I think the brand on that bottle is nice...'' Maybe that's how they connect somewhere.

Overnight stay in Lindau, a border town on the shores of Lake Constance. I really like this city.

Good twilight dinner. It's light until after 10pm, so it's hard to drink like it's 5pm.