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2017_06 Marseille, France

Mediterranean Summer Breeze.
I went to the Mediterranean Sea for a short break.

The city, the wind, and the people have a Mediterranean scent.

A couple from Marseille who wanted to go skiing in Japan turned to a friend of a friend (a friend of a friend, right?) to find a Norwegian. That's who introduced it. ``If you're going to Japan, you need the best host. Contact Hodaka.''

That's how I end up guiding strangers to the powder in Japan every winter.

In that case, I asked you to show me around Marseille in return.

Ballon des Auffes, Marseille
In the south of France, it's hot and sweaty, the trains and people never arrive on time, I can't make plans for what I'm going to do, and I don't really want to work with people.

However, I don't really care about such frivolous things because every day we have delicious bread, wine, and mussels, and we all seriously think about what we're going to have for today's meal, and even if we're tired from overthinking, we can just jump into the sea. This is a very troublesome situation that makes me feel like this.

My friends on this trip, Pierre and Vanina. Pierre-kun has been my best friend ever since I dropped a board to the bottom of the valley when I removed the seal just below the summit of Mt. Hakkoda Otake. The first Japanese I learned was "Nisho ha mou nomemasen!"
A very fun and relaxing day.

Château La Coste, Le Puy-St.Réparade, France
good music, good art, good wine.
I heard that there was going to be a wonderful concert in Aix-en-Provence, so I went to Le Puy Sainte-Leparade, an outdoor contemporary art museum and winery run by a benefactor.
Is this place famous? It's seriously amazing.
The Jouric concert that you can listen to at Frank Gary's music hall floating in the vineyard was also excellent. What you should have are local friends.
If you like contemporary art and wine, you should definitely go.

The city of Aix-en-Provence. It's definitely a great place to travel.

But I have one complaint, or rather, if I could have a wish come true, I would like the toilet to have a toilet seat.
I was wondering if I should sit on the helicopter, and it was quite difficult to put all my strength into it without sitting down, and since the helicopter wasn't the right size to begin with, even if I tried to sit, my butt would get stuck and I would fall.

Oak at the gateway to the Calanques.
The Calanques are said to be a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea that you should visit at least once before you die.
Instead, it's better to try the quick-to-eat patty once before you die.

Merci beaucoup Vanina and Pierre-Antoine, you made my trip in South France amazing.