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2017_06 Mt.Hakkaisan, Japan

The day after I returned home from a long trip, I was lucky to have a friend who invited me and said, ``I'm sure you're tired from being overseas, so let's eat egg-cooked rice and go to the mountains.Let's meet at 4:30.'' I don't dislike the difference between the terrine in southern France and the egg-topped rice in the Kamisato service area. Isn't it amazing? The side dish for egg-cooked rice is egg-cooked rice. With these specifications, the price is the same as a bottle of French mineral water. It's a good country.

When I return home, I realize that I like the soft, early summer mountains of Japan the most.

The best thing to do is pitch a tent in a place like this, drink local sake, and talk about all sorts of things.

My friend prepared sushi, thinking I would be hungry for Japanese food. They probably don't know that Marseille is a seaside city. By the way, when did you buy it? Are you OK?

It's a nice, compact mountain that's affordable, yet has the thrill of religious mountain climbing.

Thinking that I would be hungry for Japanese food, my friend had prepared a hiyashi chuka from Sawamizu Kinkin for lunch. They probably don't know that Chinese food is everywhere in Europe. In the first place this is It's not Japanese food.

Well, either way is fine. Because it's good.

Well, that's right, either one is fine. It's delicious.