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FW2324 Pre Order Fair - Pre-order fair final!

Fall/Winter 2023-2024

Pre Order Fair "FINAL"

- 2023-2024 Fall/Winter Advance Reservation Session -

Online Store
May 12th (Friday) - July 30th (Sunday)

Yokohama Showroom
July 28th (Friday) - July 30th (Sunday)

This is the final of the advance reservation campaign where you can reserve the 2023 - 2024 winter model as soon as possible.

The target brands are the Norwegian protection brand "Sweet Protection" and the Swedish outdoor brand "Klettalmusen".

From best-selling brand models that represent the brand, to innovative new models to be announced next season, to exclusive models that are only imported to Japan in a few pieces, and limited-order imported rare models that have not yet been released in Japan, we offer a variety of products for the 23-24 fall/winter season. This is your last chance to get your hands on new products.

The "sputnik shop" showroom shop in Yokohama will hold a showroom exhibition on the weekend of July 28th to 30th, where you can check the fitting of samples and sizes of all target products. Our brand staff will help you with your coordination.

Many items are sold out before the season. In addition, for this period only, for some exclusive models and sizes not available in Japan, we will search the stock of home brands in Norway and Sweden and prepare products just for you by additional import.

In addition to luxurious novelties, all customers who make a purchase reservation during the period will receive a gift card worth 10% of their purchase price. We also have a lottery campaign in which 5 people will be randomly selected to receive carefully selected products.

Please take advantage of this opportunity for next winter!

Click here for the special reservation page

■ Event period

Online store reservation Until Sunday, July 30, 2023 Yokohama Showroom Exhibition Friday, July 28, 2023 - Sunday, July 30, 2023 12:00 - 19:00

■ Target products

Sweet Protection (Helmet / Goggle / Technical Apparel)
Klättermusen (Alpine Shell / Down Insulation / Backpack)

■ Early reservation benefits

① A Sputnik Shop gift card worth 10% of the purchase amount will be given to all customers who make a reservation.
 Reservations over 10,000 yen → 1,000 yen gift card
 Reservations over 30,000 yen → 3,000 yen gift card
 Reservations over 50,000 yen → 5,000 yen gift card
 Reservations over 100,000 yen → 10,000 yen gift card

- After purchase, a gift coupon card will be sent to your email address at the end of each month.
- Enter the gift card code to use it for shopping at our online store.
- You can also use it at the Yokohama showroom shop by presenting the QR code.
- Some products, such as sale products, are not eligible.
- Expiration date: Until December 31, 2023

③ sputnik Carefully selected luxurious products will be presented to 5 people by lottery
No.1 Klattermusen Ull 30L / Raven (List price 45,000 yen)
No.2 Sweet Protection Tachi / Matte Black + Rig Topaz Lens (List price 22,000 yen)
No.3 Earthwell Roaster Loop Bottle 16oz (List price 4,000 yen)
No.4 Gogglesoc + Sunnysoc set (List price 4,500 yen)
No.5 North Drinkware Tumbler (List price 10,000 yen)

- The lottery will be held on July 30th, when this reservation event ends.
- Winners will be contacted by email. We will send it to you at the same time as your pre-ordered item.
- Prizes are limited to those residing in Japan. Additionally, prizes will only be shipped to locations within Japan.
- Please note that we cannot answer questions about the winning results over the phone or by email.
- The right to win is valid only for the purchaser. Not transferable or exchangeable for other prizes.
- The names and addresses of the winners will not be made public.

■ Delivery schedule

For customers who have made reservations, we will prioritize shipping to your registered address once the 23rd Fall/Winter season products arrive.
Klaättermusen Apparel/Backpack: Scheduled for early October Sweet Protection Helmet/Goggles: Scheduled for mid-October Sweet Protection Apparel: Scheduled for early November

■ Online store reservation method

- You can purchase from the "Pre-order" page on this site using the same steps as regular products.
- Eligible products have "PRE ORDER" notation. Please be careful not to make any mistakes.
- Please order from the cart in the same way as a normal purchase. Payment methods are credit card/Amazon Pay.
- Payment will be made at the time of reservation. Your credit card will be debited before the prize is delivered.
- Please order early pre-order products separately from regular products, which will be shipped the next business day.
- Early-order items are eligible for our free return and size exchange service (please note that this service is limited to stock).

■ Notes

- Please order early pre-order products separately from regular products, which will be shipped the next business day.
- Payment will be made at the time of reservation. The only payment method is advance payment by credit card. Please note that your credit card will be debited before the product is delivered.
- Early reservation products are eligible for our free return and size exchange service. Please note that this item is limited to stock.
- Product images are sample images, so specifications, processing, color, etc. may differ slightly from the actual product.
- Pre-order items will be checked for stock after ordering, so there is a possibility that the item will be sold out. In the unlikely event that any changes occur, we will notify you by email.
- As this is an imported product, it may not arrive or be canceled due to production delays, production cuts, or cancellations due to the manufacturer's circumstances. In the unlikely event that any changes occur, we will notify you by email.
- If you wish to cancel a reserved item, no fee will be charged. Please contact us by email.
- Once the reserved item is in stock, we will ship it as soon as possible after contacting you via email.
- If you have made a reservation for multiple products, unless there are special instructions, the order will be shipped as soon as all products are available.
- It is not possible to specify the delivery date of reserved items.
-Purchase is limited to those residing in Japan. In addition, shipping destinations will be limited to within Japan.

■ Contact us

sputnik shop | sputnik shop
Customer Service Center mail :
Business days: 10:00-17:00 (weekdays excluding year-end and New Year holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

You can also contact us using the inquiry form below.