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Sweet Protection

Universal Helmet Bag


universal helmet bag

Padded helmet bag with large zipper. Accessories for storing and transporting Sweet Protection's premium products. There are loops on both sides for convenient carrying.

Sweet Protection is one of the world's best protection gear brands, founded in 2000 in the small village of Turisil in eastern Norway. We present helmets, eyewear, protection, and technical wear for action sports such as skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, and biking.Our products, which are perfected down to the smallest detail with the cooperation of top athletes, are constantly innovating the world. We are leading the way.

Warranty - Product warranty

Sweet Protection is the world's top action sports protection brand from Norway, where all products are developed with the aim of protecting your safety. Sometimes, products perform better by breaking down on their own during the activities you enjoy.

Our shop, which is the official store of Sweet Protection Japan's sole import agent, offers the following services.

[Free returns and size exchanges]
If the size and fitting do not match, your life cannot be safely protected. If you purchase from our shop, you can return or exchange the size for free within 7 days of purchase.

[Initial product warranty]
The product is warranted against defects in manufacturing and materials for one year from the date of purchase. If a properly used product is defective from the start, we will replace or repair it free of charge.

[Proteger extended warranty system]
Kiva Co., Ltd.'s paid extended warranty service ``Proteger'' allows you to extend the one-year product warranty period from the date of purchase to up to three years (free replacement with a new product or replacement for the purchase price). This is a service that guarantees your products, which you will continue to cherish for a long time.

[Crash Replacement]
Use it, damage it, and save lives. If your life-saving protection gear products break due to normal use in the outdoor field, you can replace them with a new product at 40% off.

Click here to learn more about the warranty claim process and warranty system.

Care instructions

How to care for your Sweet Protection Helmet

【before use】
Before each use, check your helmet for damaged, worn, or missing items.

[About exchange]
Sweet Protection helmets are made to absorb some of the energy from the impact of a fall. Even if the damage is not obvious to the naked eye, it is very important to replace a helmet that has received a large impact or been hit hard in an accident as soon as possible. When you inspect your helmet, you may not find any obvious damage, but it may be hidden there. Sweet Protection advises you to replace your helmet after approximately 3 years under normal use, or sooner if it has been exposed to prolonged sun exposure, hard use or contact with chemicals. Also, if your helmet no longer fits, replace it.

If your helmet becomes dirty, use only clean water (maximum temperature 30°C) and mild detergent. Allow to air dry and avoid contact with direct sunlight or hot surfaces. Avoid using paints, adhesive stickers, cleaning fluids, chemicals, and other solvents that can significantly reduce the helmet's protection.

Exposure to temperatures above 62°C will damage the helmet. Please note that this temperature can easily be exceeded if you leave your helmet next to a car window on a warm, sunny day. If exposed to such temperatures, the helmet should be replaced immediately.

If any of the original elements of the helmet are changed or replaced, the helmet will not perform as intended. Please note that customization is not recommended and will void your warranty. Sweet Protection and Sputnik, the general distributor in Japan, cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by incorrect use or modified helmets.

Please use the packaging provided by Sweet Protection to transport your helmet. After use, store your helmet unpacked in a cool, dry, and dark place away from heat, frost, high humidity, corrosive substances, and other sources of damage. During transportation, avoid sharp objects falling from above and damaging the helmet. After purchasing your helmet, please save the packaging. The packaging can be used for transportation and in case of any defects, it can be used for warranty purposes at the store of purchase.

[Accessories and spare parts]
Accessories and spare parts are available from Sweet Protection and Sputnik, the exclusive distributor in Japan. In that case, proof of purchase from an authorized reseller will be required. Use only original accessories provided by Sweet Protection.

Cautionary Note

About Sweet Protection Helmet

This helmet is designed exclusively for action sports (skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, white water sports, mountain biking, etc.). Not suitable for motorcycling or other motorized activities.

Depending on the strength of the impact, even accidents at very low speeds can cause serious injury or death. Helmets are designed to protect the head, but not the parts of the body that are at risk in an accident, such as the neck or spine. For maximum protection, the helmet must be correctly fitted to the wearer's head in accordance with this instruction manual.

Helmets may be damaged after receiving an impact. It will no longer be sufficient to protect your head from further impacts. The damage may not be visible. If this helmet has been subjected to an impact, please return it to us for proper inspection or discard and replace.

Children should not wear helmets while climbing or doing other similar activities. There is a risk that your neck will be squeezed by the helmet strap.

Action sports (skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, white water sports, mountain biking, etc.) are inherently dangerous because they involve speed, height, natural and man-made obstacles, and physical limitations. This product is scientifically designed to reduce the chance of injury when used properly. However, Sweet Protection does not guarantee that this helmet will eliminate all risk of injury, even when worn properly. For maximum protection, you must fit this helmet correctly and ensure all adjustments are made. All Sweet Protection helmets are thoroughly tested and certified for their respective sport discipline and intended use. Do not use the helmet for activities for which it is not intended.

When trying out a new helmet for the first time, allow yourself the necessary time to adjust. If the installation procedure seems complicated, ask your retailer for help. Test the fit of your helmet each time you wear it and adjust as necessary. If a child wears a helmet, an adult should put it on and adjust it.


Sweet Protection Helmet Safety Certification

The Sweet Protection Helmet is designed to protect against impacts caused by head collisions with obstacles while skiing or snowboarding and complies with ASTM F2040-11 standards. Class A and Class B helmets are for alpine skiers and snowboarders. Class A helmets have relatively high protection, while Class B helmets have good ventilation and hearing protection, but have a narrow head protection range and poor protection.

ASTM type testing is performed by the following companies:
SGS United Kingdom Ltd
BS22 6WA, UK
Notified Body No. 0120

The helmet is designed and engineered by the following companies:
Sweet Protection
Flendalsvegen 4
NO-2420 Trysil

Active Brands AS
Kabelgaten 6
NO-0580 Oslo

service & warranty
Product warranty

sputnik shop is the official importer and sole distributor in Japan of all the brands we sell.

We offer a variety of product warranties and services to help you purchase with confidence.

All purchased products come with free shipping, returns, and size exchanges. We also guarantee against damage after use.

Officially imported product

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1 year warranty
Product warranty

We provide a free warranty against product defects for one year after purchase.

crush replace
crash replace

Even if it gets damaged after use, it can be replaced under the guarantee system.

free exchange
Free replacement

Size exchange is possible within 7 days after purchase

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Free returns

Free returns available within 7 days of purchase

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free shipping

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Universal Helmet Bag