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Sweet Protection

Bushwhacker 2Vi Mips


Bushwacker 2Vi MIPS

Sweet Protection's best-selling mountain bike helmet, introduced in 2020, will be renewed in 2023 with 2Vi technology. This is the ultimate trail helmet, with the highest rating of 5 stars in Virginia Tech's Bicycle Helmet Ratings, the authority on mountain bike helmets. The wide fit makes this model easy to wear for many people.

4-piece shell construction with trickle-down shell technology to disperse impact and increase safety. Equipped with an adjustable visor with a new visor mechanism, an Occigrip turn dial system for easy one-handed size adjustment, a STACC ventilation system for high ventilation performance, and a MIPS system that deflects impacts from multiple directions to reduce the risk of concussion. doing.

Product warranty service limited to the official store of Japanese distributors, ``Crash Replacement'' that allows you to purchase a new product at a 40% discount even if it is damaged during use, and a one-year initial product warranty. This product is eligible for the "Proteger Extended Warranty", which can be extended for up to three years, and various services.

Sweet Protection is one of the world's best protection gear brands, founded in 2000 in the small village of Turisil in eastern Norway. We present helmets, eyewear, protection, and technical wear for action sports such as skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, and biking.Our products, which are perfected down to the smallest detail with the cooperation of top athletes, are constantly innovating the world. We are leading the way.

Key Features

A helmet specifically designed for enduro and trails Greatly improved coverage for the needs of modern mountain biking, including high speeds and rough courses 2Vi for improved performance and comfort, including Mips Air to protect against rotational forces ®Technology Platform
Clears EU, US and UK bicycle standards, as well as NTA8776 (e-bike) standards New integrated 360 fit system allows for on-the-fly height adjustment. Specifically designed to blend well with Sweet Protection eyewear STACC ventilation for effective cooling of the superficial temporal artery
Adjustable visor for easy goggle storage
Eyewear gripper for easy storage of eyewear
Equipped with the MIPS system developed to reduce brain injury Comes with two customizable comfort pads


Weight: 430 g (M/L)
Safety Certifications: CPSC 1203, EN 1078, NTA 8776 (e-bike)

Shell Technology - Shell structure

2Vi Helmet Technology Platform
2Vi Helmet Technology Platform - Features the 2Vi Technology Platform for enhanced performance and comfort, and Mips Air for rotational force protection.

4-Piece Shell Construction
4-Piece Shell Construction - The proprietary 4-piece in-mold shell construction uses a polycarbonate outer shell with varying thickness for each piece to provide both strength and shock absorption. By changing the shape geometrically, the protection performance is optimized.

In-Mold Construction
In-mold construction - In-mold construction is a technology that directly fuses the impact-absorbing EPS liner with the polycarbonate shell to create a lightweight and strong structure.

Impact Absorption - Impact protection technology

EPS Liner - EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner is constructed with varying bridge and channel volumes to optimize overall impact protection performance.

MIPS - Multi-directional Impact Protection System
MIPS Multi-Directional Impact Protection System - A breakthrough technology developed to reduce brain injury. Impact causes the helmet to rotate slightly relative to the head, which absorbs more of the impact and provides better protection. MIPS was designed by calculating how many accidents actually occur and affect the head. MIPS is the new standard in helmet safety. MIPS AIR is a new technology developed and designed to be as lightweight as possible to reduce the rotational energy transferred to the head in the event of an impact or collision.

Comfort and Fit - Comfort fitting

Occigrip Turn Dial
Oxigrip Turn Dial - A dial system that allows you to easily adjust your helmet. Prevents the helmet from rolling on your head and provides a secure and comfortable fit. Adjustable in both depth and height.

STACC (Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel) Ventilation
STACC Ventilation - Sweet Protection Bike Line's proprietary ventilation system. The design features strategically placed front vents, internal vents, and exhaust vents. Cools the temporal artery without exposing the most vulnerable part of the head, the temples.

DOV Ventilation (Digitally Optimized Ventilation)
DOV Ventilation - Ventilation function optimized by digital airflow simulation. Vent and internal channel features ensure good airflow at each speed.

Comfort Pads
Comfort Pad - Molded comfort pad with soft, comfortable foam wrapped in anti-allergenic and moisture-wicking fabric. Comes with two different pad thicknesses for a better fit when attached to a helmet.

Other Features

Triple Certified - Sweet Protection motorcycle helmets are certified to three of the world's highest safety standards: CPSC 1203, EN 1078, and NTA 8776 (e-bike).

Adjustable Visor with Goggle Storage
ADJUSTABLE VISOR - Visor is easily adjustable and includes eyewear grippers for shades, convenient storage for goggles.

Fidlock System
Fidlock System - A belt buckle that allows intuitive and secure fastening with just one hand. The use of magnets ensures that the locking parts remain in place, eliminating the need for readjustment, even in stressful situations.

Warranty - Product warranty

Sweet Protection is the world's top action sports protection brand from Norway, where all products are developed with the aim of protecting your safety. Sometimes, products perform better by breaking down on their own during the activities you enjoy.

Our shop, which is the official store of Sweet Protection Japan's sole import agent, offers the following services:

[Free returns and size exchanges]
If the size and fitting do not match, your life cannot be safely protected. If you purchase from our shop, you can return or exchange the size for free within 7 days of purchase.

[Initial product warranty]
The product is warranted against defects in manufacturing and materials for one year from the date of purchase. If a properly used product is defective from the start, we will replace or repair it free of charge.

[Proteger extended warranty system]
Kiva Co., Ltd.'s paid extended warranty service ``Proteger'' allows you to extend the one-year product warranty period from the date of purchase to up to three years (free replacement with a new product or replacement for the purchase price). This is a service that guarantees your products that you will continue to use carefully.

[Crash Replacement]
Use it, damage it, and save lives. If your life-saving protection gear products break due to normal use in the outdoor field, you can replace them with a new product at 40% off.

Click here to learn more about the warranty claim process and warranty system.

General Fitting Information - Introduction

Sweet Protection helmets are built to keep you safe and comfortable whether you're riding your bike, paddling the river, or snowboarding in the backcountry.

Sweet Protection's helmets are broadly categorized into three categories: ski/snowboard, motorcycle (bicycle), and paddle sports. Each category has distinct usage and certification needs, which of course change depending on the season. Ski and snowboard helmets are designed, tested and certified with materials and construction to withstand cold weather. Helmets keep you warm and are compatible with goggles. Motorcycle and paddle helmets focus on providing ventilation while ensuring safety.

Measuring Your Head - How to measure head circumference

The circumference of the head is not a perfect circle, and the aspect ratio is not the same for each person. So it's difficult to see the size without doing anything. Please refer to the size chart below. To find the right size, measure your head circumference by wrapping a measuring tape around your head just above your ears and holding it horizontally from front to back. After taking your measurements, please refer to the table below to find your size. All Sweet Protection helmets have a size adjustment system and come with a fit pad for the perfect fit.

Size Chart - Size Chart

Perfect Fitting The Helmet - How to wear a helmet correctly

A properly fitted helmet should fit all the way around your head. There should be no movement and there should be no extra space between the helmet and the head. However, it should not be so tight that you feel pressure or pain. To check how your Sweet Protection helmet fits, you can easily perform a "shake test".

1. Wear the helmet: Align the front rim of the helmet over your eyebrows. Holding the straps on both sides, roll the helmet over the back of your head and behind your head. Make sure the front is low to your forehead. There should be a minimum gap between the helmet and your eyebrow. Once you have your helmet on, check comfort and clearance. Make sure the pad is level with your forehead and there are no large gaps. The back of the helmet must not cover the nape of the neck.

2. Fit Test: If the skin on your forehead moves slightly when you put the helmet on, it's a good fit.

3. Shake test: Wear the helmet and try shaking it gently or lifting it off your head. If the helmet moves on its own or swings away from your head, it's too big. Try using your hands to move the helmet from side to side and up and down. If the skin on your head moves slightly with the helmet, but the helmet doesn't move on its own, it's a good fit.

4. Buckle: Please be sure to adjust and secure the buckle of the chinstrap before use. Adjust the straps to hold your helmet in place. Straps must have the same tension.

5. Incorrect wearing method: Try to grab the helmet with both hands and push it back and forth to take it off. If you can push it forward enough to obscure your vision or push it back enough to expose your forehead, your helmet isn't fitted correctly. If so, please return to sections 1 and 2 and repeat the steps to adjust your helmet.

6. Individual differences in fitting: Depending on the wearer, the helmet may not fit properly due to differences in the shape of the helmet and your head. In that case, you may need to try different models to find the one that is right for you.

How to wear a helmet correctly (English video)

Fit System

Sweet Protection helmets can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly using the Occigrip solution or the fit pad that comes with the helmet.

Occigrip Turn-dial (OCCI grip turn dial system)
OCCI grip turn dial system provides a secure, comfortable fit and is easily adjustable. Occigrip construction prevents the helmet from rolling on your head and allows for helmet length and height adjustment.

A snug and comfortable fit is important for a helmet. All Sweet Protection helmets come with a fit pad at the time of purchase so you can get the perfect fit. Get the ultimate personalized fit by positioning the fit pads according to the included manual.

How to customize a ski helmet (English video)

How to customize a motorcycle helmet (English video)

Care instructions

How to care for your Sweet Protection Helmet

【before use】
Before each use, check your helmet for damaged, worn, or missing items.

[About exchange]
Sweet Protection helmets are made to absorb some of the energy from the impact of a fall. Even if the damage is not obvious to the naked eye, it is very important to replace a helmet that has received a large impact or been hit hard in an accident as soon as possible. When you inspect your helmet, you may not find any obvious damage, but it may be hidden there. Sweet Protection advises you to replace your helmet after approximately 3 years under normal use, or sooner if it has been exposed to prolonged sun exposure, hard use or contact with chemicals. Also, if your helmet no longer fits, replace it.

If your helmet becomes dirty, use only clean water (maximum temperature 30°C) and mild detergent. Allow to air dry and avoid contact with direct sunlight or hot surfaces. Avoid using paints, adhesive stickers, cleaning fluids, chemicals, and other solvents that can significantly reduce the helmet's protection.

Exposure to temperatures above 62°C will damage the helmet. Please note that this temperature can easily be exceeded if you leave your helmet next to a car window on a warm, sunny day. If exposed to such temperatures, the helmet should be replaced immediately.

If any of the original elements of the helmet are changed or replaced, the helmet will not perform as intended. Please note that customization is not recommended and will void your warranty. Sweet Protection and Sputnik, the general distributor in Japan, cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by incorrect use or modified helmets.

Please use the packaging provided by Sweet Protection to transport your helmet. After use, the helmet should be unpacked and stored in a cool, dry, and dark place away from heat, frost, high humidity, corrosive substances, and other sources of damage. During transportation, avoid sharp objects falling from above and damaging the helmet. After purchasing your helmet, please save the packaging. The packaging can be used for transportation and for warranty purposes at the store of purchase in case of any defects.

[Accessories and spare parts]
Accessories and spare parts are available from Sweet Protection and Sputnik, the exclusive distributor in Japan. In that case, proof of purchase from an authorized reseller will be required. Use only original accessories provided by Sweet Protection.

Cautionary Note

About Sweet Protection Helmet

This helmet is designed exclusively for action sports (skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, white water sports, mountain biking, etc.). Not suitable for motorcycling or other motorized activities.

Depending on the strength of the impact, even accidents at very low speeds can cause serious injury or death. Helmets are designed to protect the head, but not the parts of the body that are at risk in an accident, such as the neck or spine. For maximum protection, the helmet must be correctly fitted to the wearer's head in accordance with this instruction manual.

Helmets may be damaged after receiving an impact. It will no longer be sufficient to protect your head from further impacts. The damage may not be visible. If this helmet has been impacted, please return it to us for proper inspection or discard and replace.

Children should not wear helmets while climbing or doing other similar activities. There is a risk that your neck will be squeezed by the helmet strap.

Action sports (skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, white water sports, mountain biking, etc.) are inherently dangerous because they involve speed, height, natural and man-made obstacles, and physical limitations. This product has been scientifically designed to reduce the chance of injury when used properly. However, Sweet Protection does not guarantee that this helmet will eliminate all risk of injury, even when worn properly. For maximum protection, you must fit this helmet correctly and ensure all adjustments are made. All Sweet Protection helmets are thoroughly tested and certified for their respective sport discipline and intended use. Do not use the helmet for activities for which it is not intended.

When trying out a new helmet for the first time, allow yourself the necessary time to adjust. If the installation procedure seems complicated, ask your retailer for help. Test the fit of your helmet each time you wear it and adjust as necessary. If a child wears a helmet, an adult should put it on and adjust it.


Sweet Protection Helmet Safety Certification

The Sweet Protection Helmet is designed to protect against impacts caused by head collisions with obstacles while skiing or snowboarding and complies with ASTM F2040-11 standards. Class A and Class B helmets are for alpine skiers and snowboarders. Class A helmets have relatively high protection, while Class B helmets have good ventilation and hearing protection, but have a narrow head protection range and poor protection.

ASTM type testing is performed by the following companies:
SGS United Kingdom Ltd
BS22 6WA, UK
Notified Body No. 0120

The helmet is designed and engineered by the following companies:
Sweet Protection
Flendalsvegen 4
NO-2420 Trysil

Active Brands AS
Kabelgaten 6
NO-0580 Oslo

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Bushwhacker 2Vi Mips