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Sweet Protection

Back Protector Race Vest


Back protector lace vest men's

19mm thick vest type back protector with maximum safety. Back protector race vests are designed for situations where higher levels of protection are required, such as alpine ski racing, freeride skiing, and snowboarding. The Back Protector Lace Vest uses thicker padding and complies with the higher standard EN 1621-2:2014, Level 2. Comfortable and lightweight, yet offering maximum protection. The protection material is SAS-TEC's Visco Elastic Foam, which is soft and comfortable to wear, yet has excellent properties that absorb multiple impacts. The protection padding is 19mm thin and the vest has a wide waistband for a personalized fit. Compliant with EN 1621-2:2014, Level 2 standard. We recommend this race version for races where maximum back safety is required.

Product warranty service limited to the official store of Japanese distributors, ``Crash Replacement'' that allows you to purchase a new product at 40% off even if it is damaged during use, and a one-year initial product warranty. This product is eligible for the "Proteger Extended Warranty", which can be extended for up to three years, and various services.

Sweet Protection is one of the world's best protection gear brands, founded in 2000 in the small village of Turisil in eastern Norway. We present helmets, eyewear, protection, and technical wear for action sports such as skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, and biking.Our products, which are perfected down to the smallest detail with the cooperation of top athletes, are constantly innovating the world. We are leading the way.

Key Features

Adjustable waist Velcro belt Snug fit Full-length coil zipper Hang-up loop Breathable 3D mesh front
SAS TEC: High quality Visco elastic foam with excellent shock absorption / 19mm thickness


Weight: 590 g (M/L)
Safety Certifications: EN16212:2014 / Level 2


SAS-TEC (Visco Elastic Foam)

SAS-TEC (Visco Elastic Foam) - 3D protector made of elastic soft foam with excellent shock absorption. We have developed a high-end structure for greater safety by studying the human body structure from an anatomical perspective.

Warranty - Product warranty

Sweet Protection is the world's top action sports protection brand from Norway, where all products are developed with the aim of protecting your safety. Sometimes, products perform better by breaking down on their own during the activities you enjoy.

Our shop, which is the official store of Sweet Protection Japan's sole import agent, offers the following services:

[Free returns and size exchanges]
If the size and fitting do not match, your life cannot be safely protected. If you purchase from our shop, you can return or exchange the size for free within 7 days of purchase.

[Initial product warranty]
The product is warranted against defects in manufacturing and materials for one year from the date of purchase. If a properly used product is defective from the start, we will replace or repair it free of charge.

[Proteger extended warranty system]
Kiva Co., Ltd.'s paid extended warranty service ``Proteger'' allows you to extend the one-year product warranty period from the date of purchase to up to three years (free replacement with a new product or replacement for the purchase price). This is a service that guarantees your products, which you will continue to cherish for a long time.

[Crash Replacement]
Use it, damage it, and save lives. If your life-saving protection gear products break due to normal use in the outdoor field, you can replace them with a new product at 40% off.

Click here to learn more about the warranty claim process and warranty system.

How Measure for Your Size

Back Protection

A. Please check the measurement from shoulder to waist.
B. Body length is a general guideline. There are individual differences in height.
The dotted line on the body drawing points to the waistline. Waistline is defined as 5cm above the crystal top plane (top of hipbone) for a person 178cm tall. This length is proportional to your actual height.

Knee Protection

A: Please measure 15cm above the knee. The size listed is around the thigh.
B: Measure the circumference of the top of the product.
C: Product length Please note that B should be much smaller than A, as the product has elasticity and needs to be firmly fixed.

Elbow Protection - Elbow Protection

A: Please measure 12cm above the elbow. The size listed is around the upper arm.
B: Measure the circumference of the top of the product.
C: Product length Please note that B should be much smaller than A, as the product is elastic and needs to be firmly fixed.

Care instructions

How to care for your protection gear

- Protectors can be damaged by gasoline, adhesives, cleaning agents, etc.

- Use only mild soap and water when cleaning the product. Then let it dry naturally.

- If the protector takes a serious hit, destroy it and replace it.

- Do not wash the guard. Stains can be removed with a damp cloth.

- Store in cool and dry conditions. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid contact with chemicals. Do not place heavy objects on top of the protector. Do not fold the protector during storage or transportation.

- The protector does not contain any harmful substances and can be disposed of in household waste.

- If handled properly, the average lifespan of the product is approximately 3 years.

How to care for laundry
- Please fasten the zipper and Velcro before washing.
- Please remove the pad before washing.
- Do not squeeze or twist.
- Do not use powdered detergent, fabric softener or bleach.
- Rinse with cold water after use.
- Check for tears or damage before use.
- Please dry completely before storing.

service & warranty
Product warranty

sputnik shop is the official importer and sole distributor in Japan of all the brands we sell.

We offer a variety of product warranties and services to help you purchase with confidence.

All purchased products come with free shipping, returns, and size exchanges. We also guarantee against damage after use.

Officially imported product

This is the official shop of the import sales agent.

1 year warranty
Product warranty

We provide a free warranty against product defects for one year after purchase.

crush replace
crash replace

Even if it gets damaged after use, it can be replaced under the guarantee system.

free exchange
Free replacement

Size exchange is possible within 7 days after purchase

free return
Free returns

Free returns available within 7 days of purchase

free shipping
free shipping

All products have free shipping within Japan.

Back Protector Race Vest