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North Drinkware

Mt. Hakkoda Tumbler


mount fuji coaster

Handmade Coaster Inspired by Mountains

North Drinkware's long-awaited second Japanese collection. A handmade, hand-blown glass with accurate topographic data of Mt. Hakkoda (1,585 m), the sacred place of Japan's snow scene, modeled on the bottom of the glass. The gentle Hakkoda mountain range is all captured in a glass. There are two types of glasses: pints and tumblers. By pouring your favorite drink, various scenes of the mountain will emerge. As this is a completely handmade product, production and import numbers are limited, and limited quantities are sold each season.

North Drinkware is a handmade craft brand that was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2015. ``The Oregon Pint'', which was announced through crowdfunding, raised $500,000 and was successfully commercialized. Its design sense was highly praised by various media outlets across the United States, and it quickly became popular. Each glass is hand-made by craftsmen using a hand-wiping process that requires skill. In addition, we are expanding our range of activities to various products and collaboration products. It's a 100% made in USA craft brand with everything made locally in Portland, from accessories to paper wrapping to tube boxes.

Key Features

Carve your beloved local mountains into hand-blown glasses. Engraved on laser etched coaster. Woven into a jacquard blanket. Mountains are accurately and faithfully drawn from topographic maps. With a reproducibility that only those who have actually been to the mountain can understand. And even when I return home, the scenery and memories of that mountain come to mind. Famous Mountain Collection by North Drinkware.

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- Material: 100% lead-free glass (no lead wires)
- Country of origin: America (Made in Portland, Oregon, USA)
- Size: Pint: 8oz (237ml), Tumbler Size: 16oz (473ml)
- Please note that each item is handmade, so there may be slight differences in shape.

1% for the Planet

EVERY GLASS GIVES BACK TO THE MOUNTAINS - Every glass gives back to the mountain.
North Drinkware is a member of 1% for the Planet. We donate 1% of sales of each glass to the mountain environmental protection organizations introduced in the glass and non-profit organizations working to improve the local communities surrounding the mountains. For the Mt. Fuji-themed series, 1% of every purchase will be donated to Protect Our Winter Japan .

Process Is Everything

The process is everything.
Oregon-made goods inspired by the mountains. All North Drinkware products are lovingly crafted in our hometown of Oregon, in collaboration with some of the best artisans in the industry. Glasses, coasters, and blankets use accurate USGS data to depict America's iconic mountains. All of our products, from the wrapping paper to the tube-shaped cases, are made locally in Portland. We are proud to be 100% Made in the USA in collaboration with local partners.

Creating hand-blown glasses requires years of skilled experience, skill and a completely bespoke process. It takes over 15 steps over two days to make one glass. This process is still repeated hundreds of times a day by a team of craftsmen in Portland, Oregon, making each piece by hand.

Our Blanket Process

Blankets are made exclusively for North Drinkware at the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory in Pendleton, Oregon. Made from the highest quality wool, it is processed, dyed and finished by Pendleton. Using an ancient method called pick and pick, two colors of yarn are blended together on a jacquard loom to create the blanket's color.

Our Coaster Process

Coasters are made exclusively for North Drinkware at our handcrafted factory in Portland, Oregon. A set of two coasters made of birch ply material with a topographical map engraved by laser and cork on the back. The topographic maps of the mountains in each collection are completely reproduced from the map. Pairing it with a glass will deepen your love for the mountains.

Product Quality

Due to the nature of North Drinkware's hand-blown glass, each glass is unique and each piece is slightly different. All North Drinkware glasses meet specific quality control ranges including size, weight, height and shape.
We take pride in delivering only the best glasses to our customers. However, one of the charms of handmade glasses is that no two are alike. All pieces are blown and finished by hand, so sizes and weights are not exact.
For example, there may be slight differences in the surface or weight of the glass, or there may be small air bubbles in the glass. Also occasionally present is an aesthetic called code. A cord is a thin line of glass that has a different composition from the rest of the piece. The result is a thin line that gracefully swirls around the glass. Code is rare and beautiful.

Product Care

Please clean the glass before use. All North Drinkware glassware is lead-free and dishwasher safe. However, to take better care of your glass, we recommend hand washing. Avoid cleaners that contain citrus fruits as they can damage the glass and cause it to cloud. As with other drinking glasses, extreme temperature changes can cause them to crack. If you put the glass in the freezer to cool it, it is important to keep the drink you pour into the glass cold as well. Never pour boiling hot liquid into the North Glass.

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Mt. Hakkoda Tumbler