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Ydalir Duffelbag


Idalia Duffle Bag [100L, 40L, 25L]

Waterproof Alpine Hail Bag

A large, durable, water-resistant expedition duffel bag with room for all your gear. Made with original 900 denier fabric that is both waterproof and durable.

There are carrying handles on both sides of the bag, and the loop on the side of the handle allows you to attach the bag to the roof of your car. The sturdy carry handles on the top and bottom that can be carried with one hand also double as rope handles for rope hanging. The removable padded shoulder strap allows you to carry it on your back with backpack-like comfort. The bag opens with a straight zipper and has a full opening on one side for easy access to your belongings. On the outside, there is a loop webbing to which Klättalmusen's signature extra accessories can be attached, allowing you to attach a variety of accessories. It can be compressed using the hook on the front of the bag.

In 2009, Klettalmusen became the first outdoor company to use recycled polyamide in all its backpacks. Klettalmusen backpacks are made from fishing nets (used aquaculture and ghost fishing nets), fluff (used nylon carpet tops), plastic industrial waste, and scraps of thread and fabric. It is a 100% recycled product.

Click here to learn more about Klettalmusen fabrics and technology.

Key Features

- Hole handles with extra loops on both sides
- Upper and lower rope handles for rope hanging
- Detachable padded shoulder strap
- Tension lock for shoulder strap adjustment
- TPU coated waterproof material
- Full-length straight zipper opening
- Spacious interior of the bag can hold a lot of gear
- Bottom reinforced with Cordura material
- Loop webbing with compressible openings
- Loop webbing for attaching extra accessories
- Triangle reflector for increased visibility


- Weight: 1300 g [100L], 820 g [45L], 720 g [25L]
- Water Column: > 30000 mm
- Dimension: H65 x W39 x D39 [100L], H47 x W29 x D29 [45L], H44 x W24 x D24 [25L]


Main Fabric:
Molle® 900D
100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester, 900D, 530 g/m², TPU Coating, Fluorocarbon free
The idea for MOLE® 900 Denier was to create an ultra-durable fabric that could be used in duffel bags. These packs are top-of-the-line, durable, and should withstand being dragged over rocks, climbed mountains, and carried for miles on a donkey. Therefore, the main focus when developing this fabric was to ensure that it was not only durable, but also soft enough to create a bag that felt comfortable on your back. The base fabric is 900 denier 100% recycled polyester for maximum durability. Added 0.17mm TPU on the surface for increased wear resistance and complete waterproofness.

Cordura Ecomade Recycled Polyester
52% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester, 48% Polyester, 355 g/m²
Cordura is known for its durability, especially when used to reinforce exposed areas. Klettalmuthen has been using Cordura since it was first sold in DIY backpack kits in the 80's, and it continues to be the reinforcing fabric of choice due to its high resistance to abrasion. Cordura is used when the fabric will be in prolonged contact with exposed ground or rock faces. This is especially important for frameless backpacks, but also applies to framed backpacks.

More Information of Klättermusen Fabric and Technology
Click here to learn more about Klettalmusen fabrics and technology.

Size Guide

- Designed for a regular back body fit.
- Heavy-duty design designed for the toughest expeditions.
- Adjustable carrying system.
- Back length: 42-54cm.

Size Chart

Measuring Guide

Back ultra measurement guide Locate the 7th vertebral body with your fingers. This is the part that sticks out when you tilt your head forward. It is important to keep your head straight when taking measurements. It might be a good idea to ask someone to help you. Start at the 7th vertebra and measure to the top of your hipbone. (Tip: Place a webbing belt around your lower back at the top of your hip bones so you know how far down to measure).

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Ydalir Duffelbag