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Bergelmer [50L, 40L, 30L]


Bagelmer [50L, 40L, 30L]

Classic Trekking Backpack

A highly practical classic trekking pack designed for multi-day use. It has all the features you need to comfortably carry your gear on a 1-2 day hike. This flagship model is loaded with features such as a breathable carrying system, ergonomic straps, and high-density foam.

The distinctive Butterfly Bridge® carry-on-bone system is Klettalmusen's unique and robust carrying system, where most of the load is supported by bones rather than muscles. This reduces the strain on the muscles of your shoulders, neck, and lower back, and allows for smoother blood flow, allowing you to carry it on your back for long periods of time without stress.

The back system is height-adjustable with an external aluminum frame, and the padding is made of comfortable dual-density foam molded to your body and lined with mesh for added breathability. The padded shoulder straps are also secured from a single attachment point, allowing for lateral adjustment and a better fit over the shoulder. The hipbelt, with pockets on the left and right sides, rotates in one place as your hips move, giving you freedom of movement without having to lift the entire backpack every time you walk.

In 2009, Klettalmusen became the first outdoor company to use recycled polyamide in all its backpacks. Klettalmusen backpacks are made from fishing nets (used aquaculture and ghost fishing nets), fluff (used nylon carpet tops), plastic industrial waste, and scraps of thread and fabric. It is a 100% recycled product.

Click here to learn more about Klettalmusen fabrics and technology.

Key Features

・Carrying system that can be freely adjusted in height and width ・Butterfly bridge carry-on bone system developed exclusively by Klettalmusen ・Dual density foam inside the rotating hip belt ・Adjustable foam padded shoulder strap ・Back and Breathable spacer mesh on shoulder straps - Hipbelt pocket - Quick-attach bungee cord with cord lock - Kevlar aramid reinforced bottom - Loop webbing for attaching extra accessories - Hydration system compatible


- Weight: 2059 g (50L), 1963.5 g (40L), 1424.5 g (30L)
- Water Column: > 1,500 mm
- Water Column: > 7,000 mm
- Dimension: H68 x W32 x D23 (50L), H67 x W31 x D22 (40L), H63 x W28 x D20 (30L)
- Recommended Weight: 20 kg


Main Fabric:
Retina®, Econyl® 400D
40% Polyamide, 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyamide, 30% Pre-Consumer Recycled Polyamide, 400D, 251g/m², PU Coating, Front: SkylCoat, Back: TPU Laminate, bluesign® approved fabric, GRS - Global Recycled Standard, Fluorocarbon free
The idea for Retina® 400 Denier Dobby was to create a fabric for use in mid-range packs with an emphasis on durability and sustainability. These packs are used for climbing, where you're carrying a heavy load for long periods of time on the trail, experiencing friction from the surrounding nature, and being dragged up against rock walls. In order to meet these demands, the fabric is made with a dobby structure, and the surface is coated with a sky coating (surface coating) to make it water repellent. By applying the coating in this way, the water repellent function can be maintained for a longer period of time. The back has a PU coating with a water pressure resistance of 1500mm. The surface fabric is made of 400 denier ECONYL® fabric. ECONYL® is a recycled yarn made from polyamide that is 50% post-consumer recycled and 50% pre-consumer recycled.
Polyamide (nylon) is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum that produces extremely strong and versatile fabrics. Klettalmuthen uses recycled polyamide from industrial waste and post-consumer sources. For those of us who want to encourage people to send their used products for recycling, post-consumer waste is the first choice. Post-consumer waste materials used in recycled polyamide include discarded industrial fishing nets, old carpets, and hard fibers. Recycling polyamide adds more complexity to the production process, but the result is a reliable, long-lasting material that is lightweight, quick-drying, wind-resistant, and reduces waste while saving energy and resources. You can use what is. In 2009, Klettalmusen became the first outdoor company to use recycled polyamide in all of its backpacks.

65% Polyamide, 22% Polyester, 13% Aramid, 270 g/m², Kevlar® fiber.
By interweaving aramid fibers and elastic fibers, we create Kevlar® fabrics that are stretchy, soft, and highly durable. Kevlar fibers of different qualities are used for different functions and types of applications, making them unparalleled in ensuring durability and functionality in areas exposed to high amounts of wear and tear. . Typical applications include cuffs, storm flaps, knees, and the bottom of backpacks. All aramid fabrics used are Bluesign approved.

Backpack Technology:
Butterfly Bridge - Harness Load Transfer System

Klettalmusen's butterfly bridge harness system is based on the principle of "carrying with bones, not muscles." Instead of traditional solutions, butterfly bridges implement a load transfer system that distributes the load over a wider area. By applying load to the bone protrusions, we avoid obstructing blood circulation to the muscles and allow them to move more freely. As a result, your circulation can work unimpeded, reducing pain and fatigue. The butterfly bridge system is especially useful for trekkers who support heavier loads than normal.

More Information of Klättermusen Fabric and Technology
Click here to learn more about Klettalmusen fabrics and technology.

Size Guide

- Designed for a long back body fit.
- Mid-weight design designed for heavy-duty trekking.
- The carrying system on the back is adjustable.
・Back length: 42-54cm.
・Back panel: Fixed panel, wide.

Size Chart

Back length measurement guide

Locate the seventh vertebral body with your fingers. This is the part that sticks out when you tilt your head forward. It is important to keep your head straight when taking measurements. It might be a good idea to ask someone to help you. Start at the 7th vertebra and measure to the top of your hipbone. (Tip: Place a webbing belt around your lower back at the top of your hip bones so you know how far down to measure).

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Bergelmer [50L, 40L, 30L]