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Balder Zip [M's]


boulder zip

Thermal Mid-Layer Zip

A hoodie made from a mix of polyester and recycled wool to keep you warm on winter's coldest days. Klettalmusen's warmest wool fleece midlayer. Details are kept to a minimum to allow for easy movement and function even under shellwear. The angled zipper is functionally designed to minimize chafing on the chin, and each layer is angled from side to side to avoid interference. To prevent chafing, the front zipper does not go all the way up. The jacket is cut to withstand technical use, with thumbholes on the sleeves to maintain a layer of heat retention, an overlapping and high collar, and a longer length at the back to protect the lower back. Masu.

The Wooloo® material used in the fabric is a new wool fabric created from a process that recycles wool and recycled fibers. Wool absorbs moisture, retains warmth, and resists odor better than any other material. Recycled wool needs to compensate for fiber length loss during the recycling process, so a small amount of synthetic fiber is added before spinning to increase the durability of the resulting yarn.

Giving new life to old, unwearable clothes is a highly effective way to be sustainable. The recycled Italian wool that Klettalmusen uses is not only obtained from old clothing, but also from cut sections of new fabrics. These materials are sorted by fiber content and color, then washed and reduced to fibers. From this fiber, new materials are spun and woven into new, warm, and cozy clothing.

Click here to learn more about Klettalmusen fabrics and technology.

Key Features

- Storm flap under zipper
- Diagonal offset zipper prevents wear and tear from chins and layering and water ingress
- Double zipper that adjusts the opening for perfect ventilation and ventilation
- Overlapping collar for comfortable heat sealing
- Thumbhole to prevent wind intrusion and heat loss
- Hanging loop on the back
- Zip pocket located where backpack belt or harness functions
- Yoke shoulder pattern with no seams on the shoulders to avoid interference with the backpack
- Triangle reflector for increased visibility in dimly lit environments
- Front zipper is not raised all the way to prevent chafing


- Weight: 510 g (M)
- MFR (Mass Flow Resistance): 1


Main Fabric:
46% Recycled Wool, 35% Polyester, 16% Polyamide, 3% Other Fibers, 270 g/m², Fluorocarbon free
Wooloo® is a wool fabric that encompasses the process of recycling wool and recycled wool fibres. Wool absorbs moisture, retains warmth, and resists odor better than any other material. Recycled wool needs to compensate for fiber length loss during the recycling process, so adding a small amount of synthetic fiber before spinning can increase the durability of the resulting yarn. The parts that come into contact with the skin are made from 100% merino wool, which is known for its high quality, softness, and ability to regulate body temperature even during intense exercise. Wool fibers have scales, and we use a unique chlorine-free process to remove these scales and make them soft and comfortable. Klettalmusen wool is always 100% mulesing and chlorine-free.

More Information of Klättermusen Fabric and Technology
Click here to learn more about Klettalmusen fabrics and technology.


- Machine wash on a gentle cycle below 40°C.
- Wash inside out.
- Do not bleach.
- Dry flat.
- Iron at low temperature.
- Dry cleaning recommended.
- Please wash regularly.

Size Guide

- Sizes are international sizes.
- Designed for a regular fit.
- Model is wearing size M. Chest circumference 96 cm, height 185 cm.
- Length: 77 cm

Size Chart



Measuring Guide

1. Chest - Wrap the measuring tape under your arms and around the widest part of your chest. Take a deep breath and check to see if the tape measure is too tight.

2. Waist Place the measuring tape around your waist at the smallest point around your navel, relax deeply and take a deep breath to make sure the measuring tape is not placed too tightly .

3. Sleeve Length - Find the highest point of your neck with your fingers and start from there and place the measuring tape. Next, place the tape measure along your shoulders and lower it down your arms. Bend your arm slightly and place the tape measure on your elbow, then lower it to the vertebrae of your wrist and measure.

4. Back Length - Use your fingers to find the highest point of your neck, start from there and measure to the same point you used to measure your waist. Tip: Wrap a webbing belt around your waist as a guide so you know exactly how far down you should measure.

5. Seat - Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your buttocks. At this time, be careful not to make the tape too tight.

6. Inseam - Place the tape measure between your crotch area and measure from there to the inside of your foot at the ankle.

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Balder Zip [M's]