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Happy Norwegian

Mr. Grippy Ski Tuning Set

¥8,800 ¥17,600

Mr. Grippy ski tuning set

Ski tuning stand for all types of skis

Easily tune and wax at home or outdoors. This is a maintenance stand that is compatible with all types of skis. The uniquely developed rubber has amazing grip and keeps the ski in place in all situations. There is a slit in the center that allows you to fix the board vertically for edge adjustment. Sold as a set that includes two fixed stands and one storage basket. By installing a basket that helps keep things organized, you can secure a storage space for your ski tuning supplies. They can be stacked when stored, so they don't take up much space at home or in your car.

Happy Norwegian is a revolutionary new ski maintenance stand created in 2016 by a group of Norwegian ski-loving students. They were stressed because they couldn't make space for ski maintenance in their small apartment. Therefore, we developed and presented a maintenance stand that is easy to carry and store, pursuing material quality that meets the needs of professionals. Its idea and ease of use gained popularity, and it was certified as the official equipment of the Norwegian Ski Association, and when it was announced at the world's largest exhibition ISPO in 2019, it quickly spread around the world. Nowadays, it is loved by many European ski enthusiasts, from national ski team races to everyday users' homes and car trunks.


Mr. Grippy

Mr. Grippy makes ski tuning easy and works with all types of skis. High-friction rubber on the top and bottom ensures ski stability when sharpening, polishing, cleaning, or polishing steel edges. Mr. Grippy works with all types of skis, including skin skis, cross-country skis, children's skis, downhill skis, powder skis, racing skis, and jumping skis. When placed on a table or the ground and loaded with skis or snowboards, it provides an amazing grip, and the board does not shift even when force is applied during waxing or scraping, making it a simple maintenance stand. There is a slit in the center that allows you to fix the board vertically for edge adjustment. Suitable for skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.
- Sales format: Sold in pairs (2 pieces).
- Material: Composite material, high friction rubber
- Cleaning: wipe with a damp cloth
- Dimensions: L 33 x W 26 x H 16.5 cm
- Weight: 1.3 kg

Ms. Tidy

Ms. Tidy is a basket that helps Mr. Grippy stay organized. In Japan, all items are sold as a set. By attaching this product to Mr. Grippy, you can secure storage space for your long-awaited ski tuning supplies.
- Material: Plastic composite
- Dimensions: L30 x W 22 x H 4 cm
- Weight: 0.2 kg


- Overall size: L 25.5 cm x W 32.5 cm x H 14.5 cm
- When stacking: H 16.5 cm / Surface 18 cm / Inlet 1 cm
- Overall weight: 1454 g

More Questions

1. Do the skis have a good grip?
of course. A special friction material (grip material) on the top and bottom surfaces makes the ski comfortable to sit on. The more you rub with the wax or brush, the better the grip will be.

2. What kind of skis is it compatible with?
Believe it or not, it is compatible with all types of skis. Cross-country skiing, slalom skiing, randney skiing, telemark skiing, ski jumping, children's skiing, adult skiing, powder skiing, etc. Compatible with all skis.

3. Are there any professional athletes using Mr. Grippy?
Mr. Grippy is now installed in all Norwegian national ski teams. Luke Allen, head coach of the Norwegian freeski team, is also one of Mr. Grippy's super users. This is his impression after using it for one winter. "The Mr. Grippy is a super portable ski prep stool. It's become a great companion in my yearly travel kit and travels the world with me." We at Happy Norwegian always believe that if it's good enough for the national team, it's probably good enough for many people.

4. How did you come up with the idea?
Happy Norwegian's founders, Espen and Brage, were cross-country and alpine skiing students. As students, they were short on space and finances, and thought that store-bought ski vises were expensive, inflexible, and took up a lot of space. We thought it was complicated and started developing this product with our own DIY.

5. Can it be used on a snowboard?
Many snowboarding customers are satisfied. However, some boards are relatively wide (often 20-30cm). We would like to inform you that Mr. Grippy is ``only'' 17,5cm wide. This is the main reason why we don't use snowboards in our marketing, but I think they can be used for leisure purposes without any problems if they have a certain amount of grip.

6. Where is it manufactured?
The product was developed in Norway, tested in the harsh natural environments of Northern Europe, and produced in China.

7. Where should I secure my skis?
At Happy Norwegian, we like to place Mr. Grippy on a table, preferably on a long table. Of course, some people put Mr. Grippy on the hood of their car (there's no guarantee that it won't scratch the hood!), while others mount it on a workbench in their ski tune booth. It will be useful wherever you like.

8. Can I take it with me when I travel?
You can stack them on top of each other at home, in the car, or in your bag on tour, and they fit straight in so they don't take up much space. The head coach of the Norwegian freeski team, who is a super user, also uses it as a travel kit and travels all over the world.

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Mr. Grippy Ski Tuning Set

¥8,800 ¥17,600