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Mountains Sunnysoc

The long-awaited new product from Gogglesoc, a goggle protective cover case brand from Whistler, Canada, is now available. Sunny Sock is a stylish and smart eyewear accessory that replaces your regular sunglass case. It's not just a sunglasses case. We have revisited all the parts of the sunglasses case that have been overlooked and added new features. Whether you're at the beach, climbing a mountain, or strolling around town, sunsocks are the perfect companion for any adventure.

SunnySock is a lightweight, foldable protective case that is thick enough to protect your sunglass lenses. If you attach it to your backpack or jacket with a carabiner, you can not only quickly put it in and take it out, but also use it throughout the day and in a variety of situations, regardless of the season. There is a built-in lens cloth inside, so you can wipe off any dirt at any time. The easy-to-open popping clasp opening allows for safe access. Like previous goggle sock products, the Sunny Socks are environmentally friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles.

We offer dozens of colorful designs that will make your outdoor life more enjoyable, from stylish and cool designs to fancy and pop illustrations. Use them depending on your mood that day, mix them up with your friends or team, or find a design that suits you. It's also fun to look for exclusive models from resorts around the world and limited designs created with creators.


- For protection in style. We have over 20 fun and trendy designs available.
- A convenient alternative to bulky cases. You can easily put it in your pocket.
- Eco-friendly: Made of microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles.
- Popping Clasp: A playful and more reliable clasp than cumbersome drawstrings.
- Includes a lens cleaning cloth inside to keep your sunglasses clean (your lenses will love it too!)
- Carabiner: Keep your Sunny Sock where you want it when you want it.
- The Sunny Sock fits most sunglasses, but if your sunglasses are too large to fit in a regular drawstring sunglass pouch, they may be too big for the Sunny Sock. Please see our FAQ page for exact dimensions and sizes.


- Material: rPET recycled plastic bottle 94% polyester, 6% spandex
- Approximately one plastic bottle makes enough fabric for one sunny sock.
- Includes a microfiber cleaning cloth inside

Care instructions

- Machine washable.
- Machine wash normally with like colors.
- Do not use bleach.
- Air dry or tumble dry.
- Do not iron.

Good To Be Green

At Gogglesock, we believe in reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible. Goggle Sock uses rPET fabric, a reusable and sustainable material made from recycled plastic bottles, for all eyewear accessories. Additionally, we use recycled chopsticks for all product displays.

Cool To Be Kind

Gogglesock partners with charities around the world, including environmental causes.

Protect Our Winter
Gogglesock is a support brand of Protect Our Winter (POW), founded in 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones. POW is a non-profit organization working to protect the limited amount of snow in the global environment. The POW charity model of goggle socks donates $5 from each sale to POW, supporting the outdoor sports world's efforts to combat climate change.

1% For The Planet
Gogglesock is a member of 1% for the Planet. We donate 1% of goggle sock sales to environmental conservation organizations and non-profit organizations working to improve communities surrounding the mountains.

- How big are the sun socks?
Sunny socks fit most glasses and sunglasses. However, it is a bit small for some larger frames or cycling glasses. If you're not sure, take a quick measurement of your sunglasses. Sunny sock dimensions are 18.5cm long x 8.3cm wide x 1cm thick.

- How is Sunny Sock better than other eyewear cases?
Sunny Sock is your very own eyewear protection pouch that combines functionality and individuality. Choose from a variety of designs to express yourself and protect your sunglasses in style. Your lenses will surely love you.

- What are sunny socks made of?
Sunny socks are made from recycled plastic bottles. Our fabric is made of 88% rPET and 12% spandex. rPEt is made from recycled plastic bottles, and spandex is stretchy.

- Are sun socks just for sunglasses?
That's not true. It can also be used as a small pouch to store specifications, a cell phone, or other accessories. If you're going on a trip, you can feel safe by putting a pair of sun socks in your suitcase. When to go to the beach? Keep your sun socks in your day bag. Going to the backcountry with friends? You may need to clean your lenses or store your sunglasses. Do it all in style.

- How should I care for my sunny socks?
You can wash it in the washing machine at any time. Just make sure to remove the carabiner before washing.

- What is the purpose of the included carabiner?
The carabiner is designed to be used to attach the sunsock to your backpack, jeans, golf clubs, etc. to keep your sunglasses safe.

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Mountains Sunnysoc