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Sweet Protection

Tachi Polarized


Tachi Polarized

Lifestyle Sunglasses

Sunglasses equipped with Sweet Protection's unique lens technology. Square style frame. Suitable for everything from alpine use to city use. Unisex size. Sweet Protection's DNA is packed into high-quality frames with timeless design, impressive functionality, and defined silhouettes. This is a completely limited product that can only be imported by advance reservation at our store.

It comes with an innovative RIG® lens that provides superior contrast to minimize color distortion and reduce eye strain. High impact resistant 2.2mm toric spherical lens provides unparalleled visibility while minimizing color distortion. The frame is constructed from lightweight, durable TR90 polyamide material for a comfortable fit and a silhouette that minimizes wind and rain penetration. The lens has a permanent hydrophobic and oleophobic coating and an anti-fog treatment inside.

Product warranty service limited to the official store of Japanese distributors, ``Crash Replacement'' that allows you to purchase a new product at 40% off even if it is damaged during use, and a one-year initial product warranty. This product is eligible for the "Proteger Extended Warranty", which can be extended for up to three years, and various services.

Sweet Protection is one of the world's best protection gear brands, founded in 2000 in the small village of Turisil in eastern Norway. We present helmets, eyewear, protection, and technical wear for action sports such as skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, and biking.Our products, which are perfected down to the smallest detail with the cooperation of top athletes, are constantly innovating the world. We are leading the way.

Key Features

RIG - Retina Illumination Grading Lens Super Water Repellent/Super Hydrophobic Coating
100% UV protection

SAJ official supplies certification:
Sweet Protection's helmets and goggles have obtained SAJ official product certification (commonly known as OS certification). Available categories are All Alpine Skiing, Ski Cross, Technical Selection, Moguls, Slopestyle (Ski), Halfpipe (Ski), and Aerials. The equipment can be used in all competitions supervised by the All Japan Ski Federation and FIS sanctioned competitions.

Goggle Technology - Goggle Technology

RIG – Retina Illumination Grading
RIG - Retina Illumination Grading Lenses are Sweet Protection's proprietary lens technology that enhances contrast while remaining true to the colors of the environment. Focusing on low-energy light reduces eye fatigue and creates a greater sense of visibility and depth.

Warranty - Product warranty

Sweet Protection is the world's top action sports protection brand from Norway, where all products are developed with the aim of protecting your safety. Sometimes, products perform better by breaking down on their own during the activities you enjoy.

Our shop, which is the official store of Sweet Protection Japan's sole import agent, offers the following services:

[Free returns and size exchanges]
If the size and fitting do not match, your life cannot be safely protected. If you purchase from our shop, you can return or exchange the size for free within 7 days of purchase.

[Initial product warranty]
The product is warranted against defects in manufacturing and materials for one year from the date of purchase. If a properly used product is defective from the start, we will replace or repair it free of charge.

[Proteger extended warranty system]
Kiva Co., Ltd.'s paid extended warranty service ``Proteger'' allows you to extend the one-year product warranty period from the date of purchase to up to three years (free replacement with a new product or replacement for the purchase price). This is a service that guarantees your products that you will continue to use carefully.

[Crash Replacement]
Use it, damage it, and save lives. If your life-saving protection gear products break due to normal use in the outdoor field, you can replace them with a new product at 40% off.

Click here to learn more about the warranty claim process and warranty system.

Goggle VS Helmet Fit - Goggle fitting

Sweet Protection helmets are built to keep you safe and comfortable whether you're riding your bike, paddling the river, or snowboarding in the backcountry.

The goggles must be fitted with the goggle straps over the helmet. There should be no gap between the top of the goggles and the helmet. Sweet Protection goggles are guaranteed to fit perfectly with your Sweet Protection helmet. The fit will vary depending on the size and shape of your head, but in general, Interstellar, Clockwork MAX, and Firewall will fit helmets that are M/L or larger, while Clockwork and Boondocks will fit helmets that are S/M to M/L. Fits helmets of size. For sweet protection racing helmets, we recommend Clockwork and Clockwork MAX. For products from other manufacturers, please try them at the store.

Lens Exchange - How to exchange lenses

It is important to only insert the correct lenses manufactured for your specific goggles or sunglasses. For example, only Interstellar lenses will fit Interstellar goggles. Please note that if you do not follow these instructions, the lens may not be secured, which may obstruct your vision or cause damage.

Watch an instructional video on how to install and remove lenses from the Sweet Protection eyewear series.

Intersteller - Intersteller


Boondock - Boondock

Firewall - Firewall


Care instructions

How to care for Sweet Protection Eyewear

Sweet Protection's goggles and sunglasses are made to withstand some pretty tough treatment. But by taking good care of your product and following a few simple guidelines, you can extend its lifespan and ensure your eyewear is there when you need it most. This guide compiles the best tips for lens care, storage, use, and lens replacement.

[Outer lens]
The outer lens is treated with a superhydrophobic coating to aid clear vision and make the goggles easier to clean and maintain. To maintain the optical quality of Sweet Protection's outer lenses, your new eyewear comes with a specially designed microfiber cloth bag for cleaning and storage. Hand wash your microfiber bag regularly and let it air dry.

[Anti-fog inner lens]
To prevent your goggles from fogging up, each inner lens has a premium anti-fog treatment. Please be careful not to touch or rub the inner lens as this will deteriorate or damage the anti-fog treatment. To clean the anti-fog inner lens, gently touch the surface of the inner lens with a clean microfiber cloth/goggle bag to absorb excess moisture. Do not use lens cleaning kits or other cleaning agents on the inner lens.

[Mirror coating]
Most Sweet Protection outer lenses have a multi-layer laser vacuum coating that gives the lenses a mirror effect. Because Sweet Protection lenses are precision optical components, all mirror coatings are first surface coatings to reduce unwanted ghost reflections. This coating is designed to reduce glare and increase contrast, but must be handled with special care to avoid scratches. Use only the Sweet Protection lens cleaning kit and included goggle bag/cleaning cloth with Sweet Protection outer lenses.

[Cleaning, care, maintenance]
If snow or water builds up inside your goggles, follow these steps:
- Shake off excess snow from inside the goggles. Clean all air vents and lens vents. Use the goggle bag included with your goggles to gently wipe off any remaining moisture.
- Allow time for the moisture to evaporate. Once you put your goggles back on, keep moving as much as possible. Air flow from the vents helps dry the goggles.

[Guidelines for maximizing performance and longevity]
- Do not place goggles on your forehead, hat, or helmet. The ventilation holes become inefficient, allowing water vapor from melted snow, sweat, and body fluids to enter the inside of the goggles. Always keep goggles on your face to minimize fogging.
- Do not use paper products, ski gloves or other abrasive materials to clean your goggles.
- Please allow the goggles to air dry before storing them for a long time.
- Do not leave the goggles in areas exposed to heat or sunlight, such as hanging them on a car dashboard or rearview mirror.
- Protect your lenses and face foam by storing your goggles in a protective bag. The best way to store your goggles is in a goggle case made by Sweet Protection, which is sold separately.

[Lens cleaning kit]
Sweet Protection Lens Cleaning Kits are specially formulated and approved for use with Sweet Protection outer lenses. Otherwise, clean with only mild detergent and water. After rinsing, gently wipe dry with the included microfiber goggle bag.

[General storage, transportation, and maintenance of eyewear]
When not in use or when transporting, store your sunglasses in their case between -10°C and +35°C. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid exposure to high temperatures such as hot air inside non-air-conditioned cars (such as the dashboard of a car). High temperatures can change the characteristics of the lens.

service & warranty
Product warranty

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We offer a variety of product warranties and services to help you purchase with confidence.

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Tachi Polarized