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sputnik shop Yokohama showroom opening information

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of sputnik shop.

We built a small showroom in a hidden back alley in Motomachi, Yokohama.
Starting tomorrow, March 10th, we will be open to the public as a salon shop.

We have been receiving many inquiries from customers recently.
"I want to see the actual product," "I want to check the size," "I want to hear about specialized functions," etc...

Although the products we sell are used for playing in the mountains, they are very expensive.
Of course, there are good reasons for that, but they are difficult to convey on the Internet.
We wanted to provide a place where you can get your hands on it, have it properly fitted, and tell you how good it is.

The showroom is open for three days on weekends: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Once or twice a month, we are closed on the weekends when our staff goes out to the mountains for fun.
In the first place, we are busy playing in the mountains, so we might take a break on weekends when the weather and snow are nice.

Although we are open irregularly, we will prepare a theme every weekend.
All brand products, new releases, import orders, sample sales, talk shows, mountain consultations, etc.
We will provide detailed business schedules and event details on our website and social media.

We consider ourselves to be play professionals.
All of our staff love it so much that they even turn it into their jobs.
We will help you make a satisfying purchase.
I would also be happy if we could talk about the next mountain we will go to.

Yokohama Motomachi is a shopping district full of exotic atmosphere that was born when Yokohama Port opened.
There are also many attractions nearby, such as the port city and Chinatown.
Please come and visit us on your weekend walk.

I look forward to meeting you.

team sputnik

sputnik shop

3F Guelsakae Daikanzaka, 1-74-2 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama

【business hours】
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
*There are irregular holidays, so please be sure to check business days in advance.
2023.3-May business day calendar

【contact address】: