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About North Drinkware

What is North Drinkware?

North Drinkware is a Portland, Oregon-based design project created by a team of three friends with over 30 years of experience in product design, engineering, and marketing.

All three of them loved outdoor activities and enjoyed exploring the mountains of America in their spare time. We want to create products with our own hands that reflect the mountains that we love and have colored our travels. They continued to hold on to their thoughts.

They came up with the idea of ​​carving their beloved local mountains into hand-blown glasses. Mountains are accurately and faithfully drawn from topographic maps. With a reproducibility that only those who have actually been to the mountain can understand. And even when I return home, the scenery and memories of that mountain come to mind.

They named this project ``North Drinkware,'' and on February 1, 2015, they launched ``The Oregon Pint,'' a carving of Mount Hood, a famous mountain in their hometown of Portland, through America's largest crowdfunding campaign. We announced it on the Kickstarter service.

The initial goal for the project, which seeks supporters for a month, was $15,000. This set only the production costs for the mass-produced molds and shipping costs necessary to deliver the product to supporters.

The results of the crowdfunding campaign were astounding.

Oregon Pint surpassed its $15,000 goal in 5 hours and 15 minutes, achieved 200% funding in 28 hours, exceeded 2000% in 5 days, and ultimately reached 5,620 supporters in its one-month campaign. , finished with $531,581, or 3,543% of its goal. It has been featured in numerous domestic and international news reports, including The New York Times and Outside Magazine.

After that, they released a series of mountains from each state in the United States one after another, and in May 2018, they released the "Mt. Hood Blanket" manufactured by Pendleton. Every time we announce a product, it is greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm from outdoor enthusiasts.

North Drinkware is a project brand with a direct connection to the mountain-loving community. I would like to continue taking on various challenges that allow me to bring home the mountains I love.

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