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North Drinkware Launch Campaign

North Drinkware Japan Landing Commemoration Advance Limited Sales Campaign

A handmade glass brand that was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2015. A famous mountain representing America is 3D molded on the bottom of the glass, and each piece is handmade using a hand-blown process by skilled craftsmen. By pouring your favorite drink, various scenes of the mountain will emerge.

To commemorate the first arrival in Japan, we will start a limited advance sale only at 6 local outdoor shops nationwide that love mountains.
[Campaign period]
August 10th (Monday) - August 31st (Monday)
[Available stores]
[SPUTNIK SHOP campaign benefits]
During the campaign period, customers who purchase NORTH DRINKWARE products at SPUTNIK SHOP will receive a 1,000 yen OFF coupon code (with expiration date) that can be used on their next purchase.
[Developed product number]
Standard collection from three West Coast states representing the brand

1. The Oregon (Mt. Hood): ND's memorable first model
1. The Oregon (Mt. Hood): ND's memorable first model
2. The Washington (Mt. Rainier): highest peak in the Cascade Mountains

3. The California (Half Dome): The symbol of Yosemite Valley, an outdoor paradise

We will pre-sell the three most popular collections + pre-test imported products in our home country in a completely limited quantity. Ahead of the full release this fall, only 40 to 50 pieces of each collection will be available for sale.

We plan to start handling the entire collection from the next arrival in November 2020.
Because it's summer like this, let's bring home the mountains that you love and the feelings you have for the mountains.

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