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Introducing The Lake Tahoe Collection

We have always been fascinated by mountains and the alpine lakes they form. When exploring places that inspire me, I focus on the iconic lake rather than the surrounding mountains. For years, we've explored Lake Tahoe's mountains, swam in the water, and been inspired by its majestic beauty. Finally, we have been able to capture this iconic lake and its surrounding mountains in hand-blown glass and a blanket created in collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills. To give you a true sense of "North".

The sunrise is beautiful, calm and tranquil. The yellow amber light that touches the mountains on the west coast turns the purple lake yellow. …The flash and roar of the waves on the shore suddenly begin…A hundred voices swaying in the wind of the forest.

— John Muir, sunrise journal entry while camping at Lake Tahoe, summer 1888.

Drawn to Her Depths
-Fascinated by the depth-

Lake Tahoe (1,898m above sea level), the largest alpine lake in North America, is 501m deep, 35km long, and 19km wide. As the second deepest lake in the United States, the water is crystal clear and has a shoreline of 116km. Clean air and water are the keys to the blue topaz-clear lake. In recent years, eutrophication has progressed and the transparency seems to have decreased a bit, but the visibility is 22.8m and it is a very clear lake. We have a partnership with Keep Tahoe Blue to support activities to protect this national treasure.

Inspired by Her Mountains
-Fascinated by the mountains-

The Sierra Nevada Mountains span approximately 400 miles (approximately 3,000 km) in the western United States. Spend the winter and spring snow season at a world-class alpine resort. In the summer, it is a popular lake resort where you can enjoy sailing and kayaking. Lake Tahoe, located between California and Nevada, is home to 14 developed ski resorts and can receive more than 11 meters of snow in a good year, making it an attractive playground. In addition to developed ski resorts, Lake Tahoe is home to some of the country's finest backcountry ski areas with unparalleled access and terrain, drawing attention from many skiers and snowboarders. Masu.

A Design Challenge
-Design Challenge-

We brainstormed many ideas and had many discussions about how to recreate this iconic area. The biggest challenge was how to represent a wide area. While we wanted to incorporate and recreate the mountains surrounding the lake into the design, we realized that the lake itself is the true icon. This inspiring photo of Lake Tahoe, approximately 386 km above Earth, was taken by a NASA Expedition 34 crew member , which inspired the design solution. I had to zoom out on the photo and consider the entire area of ​​the design.

``The Oregon Pint and Tumbler,'' which uses Mount Hood as its motif, introduces a 52-kilometer terrain.

The California Pint and Tumbler, inspired by Half Dome, covers only about 5 km to recreate this icon.

Lake Tahoe pint glasses and tumblers feature a depiction of the lake and surrounding mountains on the bottom of the glass, and are characterized by an area of ​​approximately 2,590 square meters .

A mold that recreates the vast terrain surrounding The Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe Collection


A handmade, hand-blown glass with 3D data of the vast topography surrounding Lake Tahoe, the largest lake in North America, molded into the bottom of the glass. This glass covers an area of ​​2,500 km² and focuses more on the iconic lake than on the details of the surrounding mountains.

The Lake Tahoe Pint

The Lake Tahoe Tumbler


A handmade wood coaster shaped from the topography and water depth data of Lake Tahoe. Laser-cut engraved solid birch plywood with anti-slip cork backer. Set of 2.

The Lake Tahoe Coaster


We collaborated with Portland, Oregon-based Pendleton Woolen Mills to create a custom blanket inspired by Lake Tahoe and its surrounding mountains. This blanket is woven with three colors using a special manufacturing method to express the topographical data of the landscape and the water depth data of the lake.

The Lake Tahoe Blanket