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About gogglesoc


Protect your goggles in style

gogglesoc is a goggle protective cover case made in Whistler, Canada. The product is quite simple. Just place it over your goggle frame and it will always protect your goggle lenses.


gogglesoc was started in Whistler, Canada, the world's best snow resort, by three young snow bums who love skiing. ``I'm tired of scratching my expensive goggle lenses!'' With that in mind, we created a simple goggle protective cover case that protects your goggle lenses by simply placing it over your goggle frame.

2020 - NOW

Since 2016, gogglesoc has become an instant hit in Whistler with its colorful and fun designs. It is now sold at many snow resorts in Europe and America. In Japan, a variety of original designs are being produced to create a snow lifestyle, such as limited resort models and limited designs by creators.

gogglesoc is a stretchable microfiber cover designed to protect goggle lenses when the goggles are not in use. It not only protects the lens surface, but also has breathability, and can be washed completely. Fits any goggles. Not only can it be used as a protective cover for storing after-ski items while on the go, while taking a break, but it can also be worn as a protective cover when wearing goggles over a helmet or beanie. No more need for plain storage bags or bulky hard cases.



3 gogglesoc in 1 plastic bottle

gogglesoc material is made from 88% recycled plastic (rPET) fabric, manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. You can make 3 gogglesocs from 1 plastic bottle.

limited collection

-POW Collection-

In 2007, professional snowboarder JEREMY JONES established Protect Our Winters (POW) with his friends because he felt a sense of crisis that climate change was having a major impact on snowy mountains, an important field for us skiers. gogglesoc also supports this initiative and donates $1 for every POW model sold to environmental protection efforts.

-MING POON Collection-

Traveling around the world, taking adventurous and exciting photos, winning numerous photography awards and many campaigns.

A limited collection by Min Poon, a photographer living in Tahoe, USA, who has left behind his photographic works.

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