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Protection brand “Sweet Protection” from Norway is now on sale!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

We will start selling Sweet Protection at the directly managed online store sputnik shop of SPUTNIK, the official importer of Sweet Protection in Japan.

Sweet protection is a Scandinavian top protection brand that was born in 1988 in Trisial, eastern Norway.

Our policy is ``to protect you who push your limits at all times.'' We have products that can be enjoyed throughout the year, including Snow, Bike, and Paddle.

New 2020 Fall/Winter Collection Topics

Sweet Protection's Fall/Winter Collection features the following models.

    1. The color lineup of the classic Switcher MIPS has been expanded.

    1. Introducing new goggles “Boondock” / Online store limited model now available

    1. New color TUSKEN released for flagship model “Crusader X Gore-Tex JKT&PT”

    1. Introducing new sunglasses “Ronin”

Are you ready for winter? We have new products in stock that can be used during the upcoming snow season, so please take this opportunity to enjoy shopping.

Click here for more information about Sweet Protection ▶︎ here


Thank you for your continued support of SPUTNIK SHOP.