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2018_5 Portland, USA

Next month, I will be heading to Portland, another city that I have fallen in love with since last winter. I don't like the fact that I got on the train at 8pm yesterday, but when I got off it was already yesterday at 2pm.

Revisiting Earthwell's office. At the winter exhibition, I was only able to buy samples and show them off as an agent. A visit to report and receive recognition.

It's still a cozy place and cozy people. It's a good brand.

They are also small businesses and startups. They are experimenting with product production themselves and are exploring the path forward for their brand.

They seem to have decided to focus on creating a culture that big brands can't. We create a brand by collaborating with cafes, breweries, events, and clubs that share our principles with products we are confident in. We do not sell to the mass market. We are trying to create a culture with our own hands.

After MTG, I head out to the cafes and breweries in town. There are some budding examples of this in Japan, but there are so many things to learn from the localism of Portland.

From the right: Scott the designer, Chiris the graphic designer, Geo the marketing guy, and Gary the sales guy. New travel companions.

America is an e-commerce business kingdom. Even if it is a small brand, it can be achieved by directly conveying the joy of holding a product through mutual communication. It makes me think seriously about what D2C is.

Scappoose Bay, Columbia River, OR, US
The next day, we decided to go kayaking on the Colorado River.

Let's kayak and play together,

Let's drink together on the boat

After that, I went to the jacuzzi in the garden and had a drink.

I went out for a beer on my bike,

When we spent time together like that,

I decided to sign a contract with yesterday's terms.

You'll understand if you drink it. This kind of thing is common all over the world.

At the end, we toasted by saying, ``A contract is just a piece of paper! It's nothing more than a bonfire in a tent!''
“But you can wipe your poop with paper, right?”
"I see... I guess it's surprisingly important..."
I think it's a very good brand.

Hey there, I'm still in Portland, which I love and care about.