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2018_5 New York / Philadelphia, USA

A chance encounter led to my next trip, and I headed straight to the East Coast.

Play in New York by adjusting the time. The city is packed with energy, and like Tokyo, it's busy, but full of excitement.

When I have time, I walk around town and visit museums. I like geometric abstraction.

Head to Philadelphia, the birthplace of America. As a history buff, I was able to make connections in a good place. I think I should also make a declaration or company rules. But it looks like there will be a lot of amendments.

We visit United By Blue, a brand that is also involved with a certain trading company and has been consulted about building a business model in Japan.

It is an outdoor lifestyle brand based in Philadelphia and based on the philosophy of environmental protection. It's a big brand with 800 stores across the United States.

I don't have any reputation or track record yet, so I've decided to take on the role of going out to meet them whenever I get a chance. We go to the places more and more, hang out together, drink together, learn more about the places, and just start becoming friends. I started it anyway, so I just had to do it! I ran around with that belief in mind and went overseas for the fourth time this year.

People often ask me, ``Aren't the transportation costs a lot?'' But rather than setting up a fancy office in the city, or setting up an import department that relies solely on desk mail, Kocchi only needs a beer in the evening, so it's much cheaper. .

To begin with, this is the only thing I've done since I became an adult, so I guess I just like being around like this. For a long time, I was often told that I had no sense of life or that I was a rootless plant.

But now that I've come this far, I think it's okay if I can continue to live like this, always swinging like the wind to the next unknown place.