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2018_5-7 Here and There in Japan

Events between consecutive overseas trips. The day after Philadelphia was Aomori. NY → Haneda → Aomori → Hakkoda → Tsuta Onsen. Bathing from New York. Direct flight.

I immediately asked my mountain friends to test the new bottle. Advance limited promotional sales have started at outdoor pro shops across the country. I don't really know where it's sold, but for some reason I keep seeing it in stores, and I want to grow it into a brand like that.

I have monthly meetings with my consultant, Fukui Campanella, in Fukui and Tokyo. The moment of decision for your company logo design.

A staff study session on various products that have been collected. Let's do it while having fun in Nagano! So, we all headed to Nagano. The round trip was long, the night drinking was long, and I forgot everything.

The first shipment of Earthwell has arrived. However, I no longer go into my home/office. . .

Looking to the future, I decided to rent a larger warehouse. I'm starting to become a bit of a corporate chick.

Naturally, we rented a car to move the products to the warehouse. I'm so tired. I don't feel like a corporate chick at all.

In the summer, there will also be trunk shows throughout Japan. In Hakuba, the usual people and the usual exhibition. One of the important things I've been thinking about lately is that I've had friends who have remained the same for 10 years, and we still have a good relationship with each other.

So, after that it was the usual drinking party. Taka, our ace staff member, will be running this year's exhibition, showing off his makgeolli double-straw drinking experience. A scene that has remained unchanged for 10 years. Continuation of tradition. I would like to tell you about the tragedy that ensued because people in their 40s were jealous of their success, but there are many things that are better left undisclosed to the world.

I do sales in one go, and I quite like doing round sales trips. Yokkaichi - Nagoya - Gifu - Gujo - Osaka - Kobe - Fukui - Toyama - When I finally arrived at Hakuba, my friend, fully equipped with personal equipment, was waiting for me. He has become like a traveling entertainer, Tora-san, who is welcomed everywhere. The journey continues.

Yuta Shimomura Talk Session @Hakuba. Sweet's young rider's debut performance. I feel like I'm starting to understand the meaning of support. We all have to do what we can't do alone.

I'm going to urinate on the go again today.
The journey continues. After all, it's hot in Tokyo.