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2018_3 Mt.Nabekura, Japan

What I'm proud of in this business is that Japan's snow is admired by people all over the world. People I've met all over the world have put powder skiing in Japan (aka Japow) on their top travel lists.

So, all winter long, I end up acting like a tour conductor every time my friends come to Japan. However, traveling is a journey and life is a mercy. Since we have received the favor of one lodging and one meal, we have to return the favor twice as well.

This year, Sweet's Sales Manager Chris came to Japan with his family. I'll make you eat real sushi in Tokyo (your sushi isn't sushi!), and if you say you're interested in Japanese swords, I'll look for a famous restaurant in Aoyama (if you mention knives, I'll take you to Kappabashi). , I have to deal with people telling me they love kombucha (though that's not Japan...).

Although they are interested in Niseko and Hakuba, they are more interested in spots that only locals know about. They know how to enjoy traveling. Experience local cultures rather than touristy places. For that purpose, I rely on friends from all over the world. Of course. So do I. Instead of Nozawa, I will guide you around Mt. Nabekura, Arai, and Madarao.

I had a good time at Mt. Nabekura, which I took there, so I returned the following week with my Japanese friend.

After all, Nabekura is just a good mountain.

While I'm at it, I'll probably be showing around again next year, so check out Hakuba as well. With Morimi-chan, a designer from and wander, who I work with.

After all, Hakuba is Hakuba, and it's a big and nice mountain.