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2018_3 Hakkoda, Japan

I ran through this past year. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little reward? So give me some bluefin.

I have a body that I can't live without anymore. Please shoot me more white powder.

This land will never let you down. No matter how many times I come, I see a different expression each time.

Every year, hundreds of bamboo poles (very heavy) measuring 5 to 6 meters are erected at evenly spaced intervals along all Hakkoda tour routes by guides and local officials from all over Hakkoda.

Twice a year, before spring, we attach about 20 of these poles to either side in slings and drag them up the mountain (they are very heavy), setting them up one by one by hand from the summit to the mountainside. All for the sake of smiling faces under the beautiful spring sunlight.

Apparently, he likes to carry heavy things while walking in the mountains, and around this time every year, he receives a summons from Aomori. However, I think that's true, or rather, I don't dislike it; in fact, I can honestly say that I quite like this event in many ways.

This year, I was with everyone from the Self-Defense Forces. I will go to serve your country. I don't want beer until it's over.

``Nagashima-kai'' is another fun feature of fishing rods in March. Legendary telemark skier Hideyuki Nagashima always comes to Hakkoda to hang out with these poles. The Nagashima-kai, where everyone from the guide club enjoys drinking, is a spring tradition.

Natural Shirako sashimi after a perfect slide is highly addictive and can ruin your life. Once the brain is damaged, it will never recover.