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2018_11 Portland, USA

To get back in the mood, I went to another destination, Portland. Portland is a humid land filled with vast forests, mountains, and water at the base of the North Cascades.

I'm not saying this in a playful way; the culture is so different that you'll feel like you're actually in a different country.

There are high quality coffee stands all over the city.

Microbreweries are waiting for us all over the city.

We had a meeting with EARTHWELL, a company that we are already familiar with, regarding replacement parts that we had requested from Japan. One of the great things about being a small business is that when you ask for help, they take immediate action.

A father drawn by the son of Earthwell designer Scott. Since I gave Omiyage a copy of the Nausicaa manga from Japan, my stock is skyrocketing.

But, well, this city called Portland...

The morning sandwich that you had researched in advance...

The beer I'll be drinking from noon today too...

The restaurant we visited at night after asking the locals...

Keiko's conclusion. “Portland (only) is a good place.”
Well, for now, Yokatta.

“Um, you asked me to just put a little bit in the trunk, but I didn’t expect it to be all of these...?”