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2018_08 Otari, Japan

Sputnik became a corporation in September of last year. A year has passed as a company. I started by watching and imitating it, but it has managed to hold up well even after the summer I spent with Taka.

On the contrary, from the second year onwards, Suganuma officially joined the team. Then, another person joined the company to handle sales operations, and the number of employees doubled in the second year. But that's okay. It's all about humans.

``MUKAVA'', a handmade private campground created by ski friends, opened last year next to Otari Cortina Ski Resort. A private campsite limited to one group per day, with a Norwegian teepee for 70 people in the main cabin! A secret hideout that is just put there.

To commemorate our first anniversary, we gathered SPUTNIK team staff, friends and acquaintances, and had a banquet to serve as an after-summer party.

Thank you to everyone who attended. Thanks to all of you. It was a good time. In the second year, we will be running around even more so that we can provide even more fun things.

However, there is room for reconsideration of the system where all visitors bring alcohol. Even for us, 10 liters of beer, a bottle of champagne, two bottles of wine, and 6 sho of Japanese sake in one night was really tough.

The next day I couldn't run around at all. The second term will start tomorrow.