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2018_08 Okukinu, Japan

It's not the jungles of Borneo where the natives lurk. This is a stream in a mountain in Japan.

I've been in the outdoor industry for a long time, and my job is to sell the latest gear with minor changes or how many grams lighter it is, changing products every year, but I really don't like it.

You can go to the mountains as long as you have shoes and whatever you need to bring with you. It's more about whether you enjoy it to the fullest than what kind of tools you have. There are people who understand this kind of thinking.

ICI President Arakawa. A man who loves mountains and alcohol. For me, he is a great master who I can't sleep with my feet turned.

When I was just starting out, he worked at a store in Sendai. Every time I went to work, he took me out for drinks, gave me a lot of encouragement, and took me to the mountains. It's more about having fun than using tools. I learned everything about mountains from this person.

After working with him for 10 years, he rose to become the president of Japan's largest mountain and ski company. He was wearing a suit at the briefing the other day, and he already has various positions, so I guess he doesn't have time to make a fuss with us.

However, I want to heal the hard work of the legend who has been indebted to me. I'm sure they just want to make a fuss and not worry about the work at all.

For example, a memorial service where you go up a stream to a secret place, light a bonfire, make your own food, tarp, and bath, and spend all your time eating salmon, food, and fro, and talking about the mountain you're going to next winter.

What is freeze drying? I wonder if it's better than stir-fried gizzard onions made in a wok. What is lightweight? I wonder if it's more comfortable than driftwood and blue sheets.

Japan's ski market is run by these wildlings.

I wonder if it's okay? It's good.