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2018_06 Grindelwald, Switzerland

Suganuma is also with us for this exhibition. " "I was busy with the exhibition." "I was very busy." "I can't keep up unless I take a break." "Not at all."

"I've come all the way to southern Germany." "Is Switzerland far away?" "No, it's just across the lake. If you rent a car, it's right there." "Switzerland, isn't it? It's about an 8-hour round trip by car, so it's nice."

So, off to the Eiger. We drove to Grindelwald and took the mountain railway to Jungfraujoch at an altitude of 3454m. A short trek from Kleine Scheidegg to see the three mountains of the Oberland before your eyes.

Naturally, there was beer in my backpack to watch the Eiger.

Once you get down the mountain, look at the Eiger and have a beer.

No matter how many times I come, the north face of the Eiger remains divine and magnificent. I hope all the staff can come together someday.