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2018_06 Friedrichshafen, Germany

My mind has been busy this past month. So I go out again to recover myself. I'm looking for an answer in a casual moment when I'm on the go. Maybe that's outdoor in a broad sense for me. Delegate to others, rely on others, and laugh with others. Europe is heading towards the next stage.

Due to various circumstances, the Friedrichshafen outdoor exhibition will be held for the last time this year. There are many people who say different things, but I really liked this exhibition that was held leisurely by the lake in early summer.

Resuming for the first time in a month with my new partner Earthwell. I have a lot of acquaintances in Europe who are distributors, so I've been very busy trying to connect that person to that person for the new brand's European business. It is a great honor to be told, ``I see you every month all over the world.''

I met up with my friend and wonder team on their way back from Paris. I almost imported this, but thought to myself, ``Wouldn't it be better to use a machete?'' It seems that it is now sold in Japan as well.

Our regular lodging is the lakeside town of Lindau. A beautiful city known as the German version of Venice, with its historic old town on an island in Lake Constance facing the Swiss and Austrian borders.

No matter what anyone says, Germany is beer. Beer for number one, beer for number two, beer for number five because there's no number 34. If you get tired of walking around at an exhibition, have a beer for lunch.

At dusk after the exhibition, we drink beer in the courtyard.

In the summer in Europe, the sun is long. It's still light out, so I'll have a beer at dinner.

The sun was setting in Lindau as well. Tipsy at 10pm. Let's have a beer at the apartment for a nightcap. Let's drink a lot and walk a lot tomorrow too.