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2017_12 Portland, USA

We drove to Portland together. A home and design office located in a suburban residential area. no doubt. It's a good brand.

Scott was originally a designer for a major stainless steel bottle brand. When the design he was aiming for could no longer be realized due to demands for cost cutting, he decided to quit his job and start creating something he believed in.

I want to deliver something that I think is good, even if it's only in small quantities, within the reach of warmth. We do not sell to major mass retailers. I won't send it to a huge EC either. Scott said he wanted to create a brand that was locally produced, locally consumed, and where people could create culture together.

In the United States, many small craft brands with counterculture ideas that could not be seen at large exhibitions were being created. Garage culture, which began in San Francisco, moved to Seattle, and then moved to Portland, was firmly rooted in the region, fusing the outdoors with lifestyle. Scott introduced me to these craftworks and brands one after another.

Up-and-coming brands no longer rely on large-scale exhibitions. The Internet, SNS direct marketing, and e-commerce platforms like Shopify have created small businesses in which the master-servant relationship has been reversed. America started trying after becoming independent. American outdoor as a West Coast counterculture ideology. I was hesitating about how to handle it, but I felt like I had found the answer.

Even if you have the opportunity to visit many cities, there are very few that make you think, ``Oh, I might like to live here'' on your first visit. It's only a momentary sensation, but I've lived my whole life based on that feeling, so I feel like that intuition is probably always correct.

Portland was one of those few cities. I will continue to come here many times. I had a feeling like that.