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2017_12 Seattle, USA

I counted it, and it was my 6th time overseas this year and my 63rd time flying this year. It may be the only time I can do it, so I'll do it.

I went to Seattle and Portland to visit Earthwell, a stainless steel bottle brand I discovered in the spring. Since then, we have had many exchanges, but at any rate, I wanted to go see him in person and see it with my own eyes.

Earthwell is a small brand started by Gary, a salesman who lives in Seattle, and Scott, a designer who lives in Portland. Ever since we exchanged emails, I felt like we were a good fit. First of all, I contacted him and said I just wanted to visit him, and he replied that he would pick me up from the airport.

After being shown around Seattle, our first meeting location was at a microbrewery on the outskirts of Seattle. It was a local brewery supported by the people of the town where he lived. ``In America, you can find the beer you love right in your own town,'' he told me. So let's share each other's stories. Traveling, mountains, skiing, and working.

We stayed the night at Gary's house. "You don't need a hotel in Seattle. You can just stay at my house. Downtown hotels are expensive. It's convenient when you go to Portland tomorrow. And best of all, you can drink forever," Gary says.

It was a lovely house with a view of the mountains in the distance. I now have another home here where I can stay anytime. It would be fine if this was a Minato Minato woman, but the current issue is that she is an outdoor man with a wife and children who has only taught her how to work her way up a local beer shop.

When you visit their homes, you can understand their lifestyle. no doubt. It's a good brand.