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2017_11 Mt.Tateyama, Japan

When I returned to Japan, my friend and snow were waiting for me in the mountains. Season begins at the annual Tateyama.

When you arrive at Murodo, the first thing you need to do is dig.

Just dig without slipping.

I'm still digging this.

Because our tent was a huge teepee tent for auto camping that weighed 20 kg.

Moreover, it is just a banquet hall (living room). The tent (bedroom) is separate. I'm going to sleep in the banquet hall anyway.

When I heard that it was a meat-loving friend's birthday, I decided to have a dinner full of Japanese black beef tonight.

Grilling hamburgers with ground meat on my back and an iron plate on my back. I have two bottles each of wine, champagne, and sake, but I'm currently worried about not having enough.

Next to us, the guide association certification exam was being held. We also know some of the people who will be taking the guided exam, as well as the instructors who will be grading the exam. He is busily preparing for training that will last through the night in Zelt.

We are busy preparing pots and UNO.

We are also very busy training for entertainment.

When the night was late, the guide certification officer said, ``I can't stand the smell, let me eat it.'' Is it already past the statute of limitations for the instructor to come to eat hamburgers?

By the way, I'm actually climbing during the day.

It's skating just fine.

This year, we laughed a lot, played hard, and came back home.